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N,N-Diethyl-meta-toluamide – DEET for the layman – only works for 3 hours

Posted by 5etester on February 21, 2013

IM_20100302_Meckes_3_Stechmuecke_450x_lg Extreme close-up of mosquito eyes

If mosquitoes keep an Obama style kill list, then I’ve gotta be right at the top of it because they LOVE me. A new study is out that shows DEET, the active ingredient in most mosquito repellents, only works for about three hours. Three hours? In my case, I say more like 20 minutes before they’ve developed an antidote to whatever I put on myself and then just laugh at it as they cart off blood by the liter.


Here’s a creepy vid of the little devils at work.

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