Documented evidence Iran has the bomb

Document PROVES Iran was building nuclear weapon as far back as 2002 via

Wow, who knew? Well, you did if you were reading Spellchek 5 years ago.

It made no sense then as it doesn’t now. Why would Iran suddenly give up their nuclear program after years of sanctions? Easy. They already had one and were simply taking advantage of our community organizer POTUS to get sanctions relief and their $150 billion we’ve heard so much about. Can’t believe it? Israel doesn’t have one either (wink wink) so we’re told.

Now we have documented evidence from Iran from 2002 showing they were working to fit a nuclear warhead to a missile. That’s 13 years before the Obama giveaway. You don’t work on a warhead delivery system if you don’t a warhead. All that’s left for Iran is uranium enrichment processes and delivery system testing. Do they currently have the capability to deliver a functioning warhead? You and I don’t know, do we? But we can use a little critical thinking to see that the evidence shows they were operating many years ahead of where the so-called experts say they were. We should act accordingly.

Dry January or Dry Acquittal?

A mere technicality my friends. For anyone that watched the sham impeachment hearings President Trump was already acquitted by the Democrats during those hearings. So have a cold one Geraldo. You don’t even have to wait until February 1st like the rest of these silly viral social media challenge warriors.

From Fox News – Iran admits to ‘unintentionally’ shooting down Ukrainian plane, says it mistook aircraft for hostile target

Iran admits to ‘unintentionally’ shooting down Ukrainian plane, says it mistook aircraft for hostile target

Spellchek must once again play Captain Obvious here and call total bullshit. No, Iran didn’t ‘mistakenly’ identify a commercial airliner as a cruise missile. Really? C’mon, do better! The radar signature of course doesn’t match. And you’re telling me they thought a U.S. cruise missile was just launched from the Tehran airport? Really??? Nobody buys that.

Isn’t it interesting as well that the Iranian military officer quoted sounds like he just left a DNC/left wing media briefing? Complete with standard democrat talking points the blame is placed on Trump due to a heightened readiness level expecting retaliation for the prior attacks on 2 Iraq based U.S. bases. Yes, the same Trump started it garbage by killing Soleimani.

The American left will happily buy this as it supports their narrative. Spellchek has been around far too long to accept the complete incompetence line. Iran watches our politics very closely and monitors our media just as closely. They are well aware playing the fool card is a free pass in this case because they won’t be called on it by our press. All of their official press reports claimed innocence until the day before when they realized the American democrats had provided them with a get out of jail free card. Perhaps, if it hasn’t already, the DNC should include official Iran state run media in on the daily talking points brief?

BTW, want more proof? Here is a link from the press in the Middle East where even Iranians don’t buy the bull and want Khamenei out –

TDS caused the Ukrainian airliner to be shot down so logic says the left wants all missiles confiscated

You know the lunatic logic of the left in blaming Trump for Iran shooting down a Ukrainian airliner isn’t new. Where have we heard this before? It’s their gun confiscation argument. Entirely consistent with it. Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. Missiles don’t kill people. People kill people. Guns in the hands of normally sane people become weapons of opportunity when under duress. Missiles are safe as a deterrent but can be unwilling utilized when under duress caused by Trump assassinating Soleimani. Ah but here is where their logic derails. The solution for keeping us safe from normally sane people when they go haywire is to remove the temptation. Take away guns and problem solved. However with Iran the left doesn’t want to take away the missiles to remove the temptation. They wish to remove the trigger, President Trump. In gun logic this would equal identifying what mental issue is at fault and curing it rather than confiscating everyone’s guns to remove temptation. Sorry lefties you can’t have it both ways. Triggering knows no political agenda. If you’re argument is sincere in that Trump created the scenario in which Iran mistakenly shot down the Ukrainian airliner then you have made the argument put forth by the pro-gun community. Mass murders are caused by unstable people who were triggered. You must address the problem at its source and cure it rather than after the fact. If the gun were the problem than lefties around the globe in unison would be demanding all missiles be confiscated. We don’t need assault weapons or multi-round magazines, right? Who needs missiles that can kill many, many more? Should the left change their talking points? Should they now demand all guns be confiscated as well as the destruction of all military equipment? After all even good people make bad decisions when triggered, right?

Obama responsible for Ukranian airliner shot down by Iran with Russian missiles

Well, why not? That’s the idiotic logic the left is using today to blame it on Trump. The difference is they don’t complete the sentence. If the only reason Iran ‘mistakenly’ shot down a Ukranian commercial airliner is due to their heightened state of alert thanks to Trump ‘assasinating’ Qasem Soleimani, you must go further with the because-because-because logic. Soleimani killed over 600 Americans which led to the Trump response. Where did Soleimani get the money? The U.S. of course. Obama in particular because he chose to return the $150 billion in Iranian assets (Valerie Jarrett influenced anyone?). So there you go. Obama has the blood on his hands of 176 passengers and crew on-board that Ukranian airliner. Just as reasonable as the leftists lining up today to blame it on Trump. And those Iranian assets? Not clear at all that Iran had a clear legal claim to monies used by the Shah to purchase military equipment that was never delivered as it was tied up in a legal dispute.

Why would Iran have anti-aircraft batteries in place at the Tehran commercial airport? Wouldn’t they be in place to take down aircraft straying into Iranian airspace? Certainly wouldn’t protect from an American attack on the airport as they would be useless against stealth technology. At any rate there is more to this story we aren’t being told. It wasn’t a mistake and of course Iran won’t release the black boxes for confirmation. Isn’t it also a convenient coincidence that an earthquake hit an Iranian nuclear facility? Perhaps an American M.O.A.B.(mother of all bombs)bunker buster got a tryout? There is most certainly more afoot here than we know. Add in the fact that Iran tipped off the U.S. and other foreign countries an hour or more ahead of time before they bombed the 2 Iraq sites tells us nothing on the surface is as it seems.

Stay tuned. Hopefully we’ll soon get some real answers as to what is really going on.

The Gun War

Another day, another shooting, another day for pushing agendas. The church shooting in White Settlement, Texas is a terrible tragedy. The outrage was predictable. The left blames the NRA and claims that more gun laws are needed. The right hails the hero who took down the shooter and saved countless more lives. The left claims that gun free zones are the answer. The right points out that self-protection is the answer. There is only one end point for the argument. Confiscation.

The left is still not willing to go there. The focus groups tell them not to. They will eventually. For now it will still be the outrage after each incident. Once the gun law fallacy is dead and the gun free zone silliness has worn out its usefulness, the left will have to embrace their ultimate goal of confiscation. It will be sold as the only feasible way to stop senseless gun violence. No laws will stop criminals. Gun free zones create target rich environments. And the most important aspect? Allowing and encouraging people to arm and protect themselves is 180 degrees out of phase from the goal of empowering the government.

How sad that an unspecified number of victims must die in order to advance a narrative. More still need to die. An uninvested observer would look at it logically and say that the solution is mandatory self-protection. Waiting for a law enforcement agency to respond to a situation which is usually over with in a matter of minutes is illogical. Protecting yourself is the logical answer.

The left tries to sell the opposite. Simply eliminate the problem at its source. The only problem is that inconvenient little amendment in the Constitution. The left needs more carnage. More senseless killings. Their strategy is to shock Americans into willingly give up the 2nd Amendment in order to save themselves. Create more gun free zones and sanctuary areas. This will lead to more bloodshed. Leading the lambs to the slaughter.

The fact should have you appalled. That the left is hopeful of more deaths merely to enable their goal of changing the Constitution is beyond outrageous. Yet we see it all the time with the progressive agenda in that the ends really do justify the means. It’s a given with our politicians that place agenda above all else. Wasting taxpayer dollars? Well worth it. Bloodshed to strengthen the ruling class? Justifiable if it’s in our best interests so decided upon by said ruling class.

The left will vehemently deny this. To claim that they could be so callous? It’s a product of a vast bureaucracy. Detachment from how this affects the common man on the street is the very definition of our unelected bureaucrats making policy for so many millions of people they literally will never have any contact with yet make life changing decisions for them on a regular basis. The elected officials only come out at campaign time to our neighborhoods and hear us at our town halls. When is the last time you heard of a politician respond to a constituent at a town hall and change their platform because of it? Not lobbyists or special interests mind you but a real man on the street? It doesn’t happen. Instead they get elected and then tell us how they will rule. What happened to an elected official reflecting their constituents views rather than their own?

So we wait for the left to embrace confiscation. It’s coming. It’s always been their agenda. How many more will die in the meantime? Or will the right finally go on offense for self-defense and addressing mental illness and stop playing defense on the left’s terms?