Does the COVID-19 vaccine lower IQ’s?

Does the COVID-19 vaccine make you stupid? Serious question. We already know that liberalism does as you think with feelings but apparently the vaccine has the same effect. Particularly with those on the right.

Lots of people really getting mad over this. Why? Where none of you pro-vaxxers paying attention? What was always the stated goal of the vaccine? Reduce symptoms. That’s it. Never was intended to stop you from getting infected by COVID-19 nor from spreading it whether you got sick or not. Now that the vaccinated are finding out it wasn’t a cure for COVID-19, they are acting surprised and upset that they still have to play the mask game as well as the quarantine game. Makes no sense. The CDC and the vaccine manufacturers stated the goal right up front and delivered. You have a vaccine that lessens symptoms and keeps you from dying. You didn’t get and were never promised something that would allow you to go back to ‘normal’. If you were duped, that’s on you for not reading the fine print. The question now is will you continue on acting surprised that this is all about power and control over you or just keep your head in the sand?

Virus variants that get successively weaker yet more transmissable is a concept even us laymen can understand. Add in that this is a trial run for mass production of mRNA vaccine technology and you can literally see the money trail. Booster shots and seasonal shots for COVID-19 variants are a long-term business proposition. The really big, obvious fact? The vaccine merely triggers your own immune system. If that’s at all compromised, no vaccine will save you.

Division only has one winner and they are absolutely loving it

Isn’t it fascinating how the media has once again dictated the discussion? As a country, we are once again being divided and pitted against one another over the COVID-19 vaccines. What an astonishing waste of time. Rather than trying to win the I’m right and you’re wrong because…debate, shouldn’t we be investing our time into finding out why COVID-19 was released? Maybe if it was made deadlier from gain of function research? You don’t have to be an ‘expert’ or medical professional to think critically and ask questions here.

The pro-vaxxers are certainly puzzling. Why worry about the unvaccinated? If you were to ever get it even because of the unvaccinated crowd, you will be just fine. The ‘experts’ have told you this. Must you be vindicated by converting the unvaccinated to show that you did the right thing?

The unvaccinated have a whole slew of reasons for not partaking which really seems to burn the pro-vax crowd because they can’t focus in on a talking point or two to win the debate. Both sides are losing as the real issue is relegated to a sideshow between Fauci and Rand Paul as well as the usual meaningless investigations to determine if the virus escaped the Wuhan lab.

It appears that the view that determining the origin doesn’t matter as much since the genie is out of the bottle and can’t be put back in. So instead we’ll buy into the media narrative and argue about who’s to blame more for the ongoing caseload.

Make no mistake. There is nothing more important than exposing the reasons COVID-19 is here and if it’s efficacy was accelerated. Period. If we don’t and its origins were devious, it will happen again and again. As long as we’re distracted by the division on vaccinations, we aren’t getting to the bottom of it.

Oh and if you’re a pro-vaxxer let’s not hear any complaints about the forthcoming mask mandates even for the vaccinated. Or the lockdowns. Remember you trust the ‘experts’. That’s why you got vaccinated. So no picking and choosing when to follow their rules.

If you’re tired of all of it and don’t like the idea of being pitted against friends, family, co-workers, etc., over vaccination status then put your efforts into demanding your elected officials find out why we’re in this position. You make think it conspiratorial, but government loves us in this divided state. We have to plead to them to fix it and they have the power over our daily lives they crave. Will enough of us ever recognize where the real problem lies?

POTUS in name only but with rock solid job security

Ex-White House physician thinks ‘unfit’ Biden will be forced to resign via

Stop it. Raise your hand if you’re foolish enough to believe this. You really think the same people who purposely installed a controllable puppet into the White House have now had an epiphany and wish to do the right thing? You aren’t that naive, are you? Short of dying, good old lunch bucket Joe ain’t going anywhere. He’s a dream candidate for the swamp. Why on earth would they ever want to put a power dreamer like Kamala Harris in charge? I guess some people haven’t realized that the swamp views the POTUS as a figurehead, not an actual policy maker. Exactly why Trump is so hated. In fact, I would say Joe Biden is the least likely POTUS ever to be worried about forceful removal from office. Unless his cognitive state malfunctions to the point where he no longer does what his puppet masters demand, he won’t be going anywhere.

Texas Democrats did have to wear masks, caught lying again

Sorry another partisan hack caught lying. You do not have a mask exemption because you flew on a charter flight. That only applies to privately owned planes not operated for charter. See one source, there are many if you choose to look. Media, over to you.

Doctors that lie are as dangerous as a deadly virus

Gee Doc, sounds really bad. Dozens of youths dying of COVID-19 begging for the vaccine? And that’s just one doctor in Alabama. But is it true?

Let’s do the math. 11,462 COVID-19 deaths in Alabama. 0.15% between the ages of 5-24. Translates to just over 17 total deaths in Alabama of people between the ages of 5 to 24. Yet amazingly enough this single doctor has personally treated dozens of dying youths herself. Dozens out of 17 total for the entire state. Where I come from that’s called bullshit.

Will anyone in the media do their job and check out the doctor’s claim? Not likely. Spewing partisan agenda driven lies for political gain should be treated as seriously as violations of their hippocratic oath. I’ll wait media.

Were you a sheep? A lemming? Hope it works out for you

Disclaimer: not an anti-vaxxer and have the shot records to prove it

I am one who asks questions and thinks critically. So I simply asked why I would take an experimental drug which by design doesn’t prevent infection from the virus or retransmission of it but merely limits the symptoms. If you’re one who puts blind faith in government or science or pharmaceutical companies than that’s on you. Personally I believe the pandemic response is a step in the path to human genetic engineering. That isn’t conspiratorial at all as the proof is widespread. No doubt some have goals of curing or altering global issues just as some have nefarious global ambitions through which human genetic engineering is seen as the key. So I choose not to participate. You or I can still get COVID-19 vaccine or not. We also have drugs proven to lessen symptoms if you are infected. The juice simply isn’t worth the squeeze.

The only solution to America in chaos

America is hopelessly divided and being pitted against one another by a multitude of forces and none of it by accident. The hordes jumping on the bandwagon to shame protesters may be misguided or just ignorant but they don’t realize the power of the foe they are up against. The status quo is to stand down, make sure you vote, contact your elected officials to plead your case, and above all, don’t resort to violence. When that has been tried and failed over and over, then what? That’s called insanity when you do the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. So to all of you taking the high road, you will lose it all just as the rest of us by standing by and letting what you created crush us. That’s right, the only reason the swamp and deep state exist is due to our standing back and playing by the rules. We let it happen and those that could took advantage to put us where we are today.

The policy makers must be stripped of their excessive use of power. Name any policy issue you disagree with today and it has come to be because our legislators have unchecked authority and are susceptible to every special interest and lobbyist that simply has more influence over their vote than their constituents do. The longer they are in office, the worse it gets. Sure they’ll deny this to the ends of the earth but we have history to tell us otherwise. Should you be one who believes the problems lie on the other side of whatever side of the partisan divide you fall on, you’re akin to the alcoholic who doesn’t realize he has a problem. The swampy deep state permeates all throughout government regardless of party affiliation. The solution will require across the board changes that must be implemented by we the people because there is no chance whatsoever of politicians policing themselves and cleaning this mess up. American patriots from all parties, races, colors, creeds and religions must collectively take physical control of our government buildings peacefully and maintain it until all appropriate action is complete to rewrite and pass legislation and new legal and certified public servants are in place.

To do it there must be not only term limits but lifetime government service limits. Legislators can no longer be career people and the compensation for serving must reflect this. Yes there are some legislators who are beneficial to America and this will cause us to lose their service long-term but that is simply a cost that can’t be avoided. As with any policy anywhere that is in place to prevent the bad, the good are also affected. Public servants must be those who really wish to serve out of a sense of duty putting aside personal biases in order to implement the will of the people. There can be no benefits extended after their service has ended. It’s the only way to ensure that people don’t enter public service for personal enrichment. Absolutely they can be well compensated during their actual service as it’s a very important duty to this country. But that’s it. There isn’t a chance in the world politicians would ever willingly agree to this so they must be given no alternative. No call for violence. No call to burn down anything. Just executing what Thomas Jefferson said we would periodically have to do to keep our Republic.

“That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness… it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.” – Thomas Jefferson from The Declaration of Independence

That time has come. The progressives are emboldened as never before. Full blown censorship. Destruction of the family. Our election system compromised. Indoctrination of our education system. The constant fear-mongering for our safety in order to give up freedom. Our financial system in tatters. The push for globalism and destruction of our culture, our borders, our language. The time is ever closer for their final push to get past the point of no return. The only solution is for the people to rise up en masse and stop it. The way to do it without violence is the same as our nuclear defense deterrence. An overwhelming force that disincentivizes any threat of response.

Remember the storm area 51 movement of 2019? Had that occurred as feared with literally millions of people showing up do you really think the overwhelmed security forces would start mowing down hordes of Americans? We need to remember that our police, our military and any other security forces are people just like us. They are not part of the swampy deep state. They are not invested in protecting a political system set up to empower and enrich its members. They will also realize this isn’t a coup or insurrection to take over a country but rather an effort to save it. Will there be violence? Absolutely. The establishment has everything to lose and will make some attempt to stop it. We’re a country of well over 300 million people with vast differences. You can’t possibly make such a large scale change without it. But it isn’t the intention or goal in any way. We have a broken political system that can’t be fixed from within. You can’t do it at the ballot box. You can’t do it through social media. You can’t do it by peaceful protests. If that time had been possible in the past, that time is now gone. To stand by is to enable our own destruction.

Hopefully, enough of us will use our critical thinking skills. We can all see what is happening before our very eyes. The progressives are not only cancelling people, they are attempting to cancel thought. Your ability to hold an opposing opinion is the target and everyday they are winning. Unfortunately, many are assisting by discouraging dissent. Doesn’t matter if it’s the pro-Trump Capitol protests or a BLM protest, the majority of protesters do so peacefully. The few write the narrative for the many in what the media promotes. Division among us plays right into the progressives hands. It also helps prevent what is needed. In common to all Americans is our freedom and liberties. We will always, always have many differences between races and cultures, yet we can only all coexist peacefully if those freedoms remain intact. The progressives are attacking them and taking them away. It is to all our benefit to stop the political machine which makes our decisions for us. The blatant censorship happening right now by big tech will, by design, help to stop any mass organization of dissent. The Trump haters cheering this on are clueless as to how it will even affect them. It’s nothing more than divide and conquer and so many on the left and right are playing right into it.

It is the American people under attack. The control of your freedom and your wealth is the prize. No matter how distasteful you may find the politics of the parties you don’t support, remember they are just people. They find themselves in a system that requires compliance. Some will capitalize for power or fame or wealth. Some concede they must play by the rules or be neutered and eventually fail. It isn’t as if there’s a magic factory churning out evil politicians who despise America and only wish to profit themselves. They have the same shortcomings as the rest of us and that’s why we have to change the system. Wouldn’t it be great if we all possessed such high morals and ethics to always do the right thing no matter what? Most will do just that if temptation is removed. We need a system of government that minimizes the potential for abuse and maximizes equal and fair treatment of all Americans. Empowering government even more as some are calling for is a ludicrous concept. Those that create the problems we have are hardly like to fix them by making them stronger. We can return to a system in which Americans can safely vote and be reassured that lobbying their elected officials for what concerns them will be heard. But it has to have safeguards built into it. By us.

There are those who wish to tear down the system because they believe it is inherently unfair. It is this unfairness, either perceived or real, that is what progressives crave to sow division. Your attempt to right a wrong is also seen as a threat to establishment power. This is why you see support for tilting the playing field the other way as a form of reparations. A tilted playing field in any direction creates division and promotes progressive interests. Tearing up the Constitution and adopting a new one is an entirely different animal. If you wish to change it through the Amendment process, you must remove the third party interests from influencing the process. That can’t happen under our current legislative makeup. It’s one more reason purging the swamp this way is essential.

Are you on-board yet? This doesn’t mean every legislator has to be run out of town either. If they are willing to accept the new terms and it is the will of the people to keep them in place then so be it. The bottom line is serving the American people and what WE desire is the only priority. We should see vastly different priorities by district rather than a rubber stamp partisan process we have now. That’s precisely why voters feel disenfranchised when living in a district which is a partisan stronghold and the vote is always the same. Reliably red or blue districts are just what the doctor ordered for politicians to sell influence.

How much longer will WordPress allow blog posts like this? Almost a certainty that they will succumb to the pressure to police their content as well. Time is getting very short my friend in which we’ll be able to act to save the country. Sitting by not wanting to ruffle feathers and conform hoping that it gets better is a recipe for disaster. Here’s hoping you act now.