The true meaning of Independence Day

Another Independence Day has come and gone. For most Americans it’s simply a long weekend and a chance to get away and do whatever it is that interests them. Of course it’s really about celebrating America escaping the grasp of a tyrannical leader. Nearly 240 years later one could easily make the case that we have returned to those dark days. We’re simply under the boot of a different King.

I contend that escaping again will be much more difficult. Rising up against a foreign tyrant is an easier task to rally the people to do. Rising up against an internal foe with even more devious intentions won’t be so easy. Lest you think this is simply another bash Obama post, you’d be mistaken. He is but merely a pawn in a much bigger game.

In fact the vast majority aim too low when they attempt to size up our enemy. The headline grabbing divisive issues of the day such as global warming, gay marriage, racism, fairness and inequality, crony-corporatism, rich vs. poor, etc., etc. are really just pieces of the puzzle.

Some will go a step further and proclaim that what divides us is an attack on the family and traditional marriage. Or perhaps an attack on Christianity or other standard religions. While they are correct in their description, they are missing the premise.

How can so many miss the forest for the trees? I believe it’s because people have a tendency to over rate their self-importance. That isn’t meant to be derogatory. It’s meant to describe those who believe in free will. Those who believe their cause sets them apart. That they are making a difference all by their lonesome. That they can change the course of human events and reshape history.

Sorry. Particularly if you’re a Christian or Jew or other believer in the Word of God. The future is already written in stone. It’s the only way the outcome can be foretold. You make think you’re making life’s decisions based upon your own free will but that was already accounted for. All that has happened and will happened was ordained. If you think about it logically, it makes perfect sense. For example, take a rogue leader like Obama who would appear to have the ability to reshape history. What if he lost his mind and decided to start a full-blown nuclear war that would end life on the planet as we know it? He can’t. The Good Lord couldn’t allow him to have the free will to make such a mistake that would alter the written Word of God.

If you are a Christian, this should give you a certain amount of comfort. Revelation gives us the account of how the world will end and it sure isn’t today or tomorrow or in any of our lifetimes.

The point of this post was to illustrate that all of the sub-plots we are witnessing in the world are just that. None will end the world nor will they change the foretold outcome. All can be traced to a single common denominator. Good vs. evil. God vs. Satan.

That won’t set right with a lot of people who like to believe they are a bit more important in the big scheme. You see this is why so many of today’s debates are centered around the collective vs. the individual. The collective is Satan. The individual is God. Reason being that when you are at Judgement Day you will be judged purely on your works as an individual in life. The collective won’t be there to represent you.

Such mundane topics such as big government or socialism or anything that takes personal responsibility away from you and gives that authority to someone else is evil at its core. Only you will face the Lord and give an account of your life. There won’t be a bailout.

This isn’t to say a grand conspiracy is afoot with Satan’s workers pushing an evil agenda. People who fall into the trap of supporting issues contrary to what the Bible lays out are likely not even aware of what they do. They in no way see a connection between their cause and Satan himself. However the Bible tells us that rejection of the Word of God is eternal damnation.

One issue that used to give me great concern was how to explain what quantifies as a rejection of the Word of God. For example, the baby who dies in the womb thanks to our abortion killers. Or perhaps someone born in a remote third world country who is never even exposed to the written word let alone a Bible. Or someone born blind, deaf and mute. You could on and on. How can these people ever make it to Heaven? The answer is the opposite of what common belief is. We are all destined for Heaven from our very inception. That’s right, the minute you are conceived, you are Heaven bound. The only thing you can do is to screw it up.

This is the rejection of the Word of God that gets you sent packing. It explains how every human has an opportunity to get to Heaven. It also explains how we have no free will. We may perceive that we do and think we are making our own choices, but we never could. Only the Angels had free will and you see what Lucifer did with his. Went to the dark side and gave us Heaven and Hell.

I’m sure this is waaaaay too much religion for many of you, particularly the non-believers among us. So be it. The truth is set. Perhaps it was my part to show someone else the light through a blog post.

July 4th, 2015 was a celebration of good triumphing over evil. God vs. Satan. However, freedom and liberty have much darker days ahead. You should do as your will guides you to do. After all, you got your instructions directly from the big boss.

Freedom has value only if you value it

Spellchek has been on a bit of a hiatus while across the pond on some business/pleasure activities. Doesn’t appear as if much has changed. Gay marriage now the law of the land in all 50 states? Yawn. Anyone surprised? Anyone think this is the end of it? It’s somewhat interesting to see the right do their best to pin the blame on the activist SCOTUS judges. That includes the other dissenting robes. Really? They’re simply doing what they were put in place to do. So who’s to blame? Per usual, the American electorate that installed the same POTUS fool twice giving him the power to make those appointments. Tired of hearing that elections have consequences?

The TPP fast track authority was passed. Yawn. Nothing more than corporate lobbyists getting their money’s worth by lining the pockets of hack politicians. How is that a surprise to anyone?

OK, I’m already tired and bored of rehashing the same old crap. Fact is the majority of America is not in the game. Either ignorant or passive bystanders, they are the rock that politicians lean on to advance their agendas.

Care to test your family, friends, co-workers and neighbors as to their standing? Ask them what level of importance their freedom is to their lives. Most will likely say it’s right at the top. Right up there with family or faith. Then ask them the kicker. Would they expect their loved ones to still stick around if all they did is make a cursory appearance every so often? Such as a trip to the ballot box every year or two or even four? If that is all the investment they’re willing to make to protect their liberty, than they don’t value it much.

Freedom requires activism. Choosing the lesser of evils to put in office at election time doesn’t qualify. The statists thrive on such ineptitude. And more of the same of what we’ve witnessed lately is guaranteed until enough people realize they have to get out of their comfort zone and decide to protect their liberty as if it were a family member.


Sometimes you really have to wonder about the future of humanity.

Man accused of eating woman’s organs charged with rape

A southern Indiana man accused of killing his ex-girlfriend and eating some of her internal organs is facing a rape charge in the attack.

The accused, Joseph Oberhansley, is apparently unhappy he’s being called a rapist.

Oberhansley said in court Monday that “there’s a lot of lies and deception going on here.”

So it’s OK to be a murderer. It’s OK to be a cannibal. But a rapist? That’s where Mr. Oberhansley is going to draw a line in the sand.

Things that make you go hmmm.

Wikileaks exposes the MICE

Wikileaks is taking flak for publishing the hacked Sony files.

WikiLeaks publishes huge archive of hacked Sony documents

“This archive shows the inner workings of an influential multinational corporation,” said WikiLeaks Founder and Editor-in-Chief Julian Assange, in a statement. “It is newsworthy and at the centre of a geo-political conflict. It belongs in the public domain. WikiLeaks will ensure it stays there.”

It’s certainly debatable as to the legitimacy of Wikileaks publishing these files. But that’s for another day. I only wish to point out what a classic example this is of what I’ve been saying for years. The U.S. doesn’t just have a military-industrial complex as Ike warned us about. Nor do we have a military-industrial-Congressional complex as it was originally coined. We have a military-industrial-corporate-elected official complex (MICE). Merely take a glance at the Wikileaks site and at the first two postings.

The Sony Archives

TPP Investment Chapter

I’m sure the vast majority of people who take the time to peruse the Sony files will simply appreciate the ease of searching as they look for dirt on their favorite celebrities. However, they’re really missing the frightening element. Those two posts covering the TPP, which is a massive corporate sellout, and the Sony inner workings brilliantly expose the MICE complex.

With another election cycle just getting warmed up, we’ll see all of the same profiteers and power elites scrambling to divide up the spoils of an American electorate seemingly without a clue. So sad. So very, very sad.

New Benghazi evidence? Where did it go?

This story is starting to look just like the Iran-Obama tit-for-tat about lying fact sheets.


(AFP) — Libya’s internationally recognised parliament said Tuesday it has uncovered “new elements” behind the 2012 assassination of the US ambassador when the American consulate was stormed in eastern city Benghazi.

“I have been tasked today with leading a team of inquiry,” Tareq Saqar al-Jeruchi, deputy head of the parliament’s security and defence committee, told AFP.

He said the team had “new elements on the real perpetrators of the attack” and would work closely with the FBI and Congressional commissions of inquiry, although he did not elaborate on the identities of the assailants.

A Libyan parliamentary delegation is to travel to the United States for consultations with members of Congress, Jeruchi said.

That was 3 days ago on April 8th. Yesterday, April 10th, this story was released.

No plans for inquiry into US ambassador’s slaying, senior HoR member insists

Reports that the House of Representatives (HoR) have set up a committee to investigate the 11 September 2012 killing of US Ambassador Chris Steven and three other US diplomatic staff in Benghazi have been denied by a top HoR official, according to the Beida-based office of the Libyan news agency LANA.

Benghazi member Jalal Al-Shweidi, who chairs the Information and Culture Committee, said that no decision to establish a committee to look into the killing had been taken by the HoR, LANA reported.

Two days ago it was reported that Tariq Geroushi, the deputy chairman of the HoR’s Defence and National Security Committee, had been tasked by the House to lead a three-man team to investigate Steven’s death. He was quoted saying that he had new information about the killing and that the team would be collaborating with the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). On his Facebook page, Geroushi, usually seen as well-informed about the HoR’s plans and decisions, republished the report adding a call to anyone with information about the attack to contact him.

I’ll be the first to tell you i have no further insight or knowledge as to which story is correct. But conflicting stories such as these tend to indicate that someone quickly got to Geroushi and told him to stand down. Not plausible you say? Libya has fallen into chaos and the U.S. cannot control the situation any longer. What if the U.S. has a CIA agent in control?

Khalifa Haftar’s army now controls much of the eastern half of the country.

Enter General Khalifa Haftar. From ‘The New Yorker’

General Khalifa Haftar left his home in northern Virginia—where he had spent most of the previous two decades, at least some of that time working with the Central Intelligence Agency—and returned to Tripoli to fight his latest war for control of Libya.

Haftar’s force, which he calls the Libyan National Army, has taken much of the eastern half of the country, in an offensive known as Operation Dignity.

You can read the article here if you like –

Do I have any proof that CIA plant Gen. Haftar got to Tariq Geroushi and stopped any investigation of ‘new evidence’ about the Benghazi attacks? No. Just pointing out the obvious. The story seems to have disappeared as soon as it came to life and the CIA has much on the line still to this day to see that the truth remains hidden.