Tulsi Gabbard Rips Hillary Clinton for Suggesting She’s a Russian Asset


I went ahead and ordered 65 million of these t-shirts as I know all the Trump voters and even a few lefties will want one.

Those Russkies are some busy beavers aren’t they?


From Fox News – Elijah Cummings dead at 68

Elijah Cummings dead at 68


I’ll bet John Lewis is breathing a sigh of relief today. With Cummings dead maybe white people won’t mistake him for Cummings anymore. At least that was Rashida Talib’s argument for requiring only black people to operate facial recognition technology at the Detroit police department since she sees white people mixing the two up all the time. Heck, the people of Baltimore should rejoice as the carnage under Cummings ‘leadership’ may finally be addressed. A bit harsh you may say for not respecting the dead? I certainly don’t know him. Might have been the nicest guy you ever met but I won’t shed any fake tears or meaningless RIP’s for someone I didn’t personally know. I’m only speaking to his record in office and it was horrific as you would expect from a career collective partisan.

3rd whistleblower?

Of course not. Seriously? There wasn’t even a 1st or 2nd whistleblower so there certainly isn’t a third. How to stop the democrats from continuing to advance this dog and pony show? If I were POTUS I would simply march every ear that was listening in on the Ukraine call up to Congress and make them available to testify. Why? Let them tell the hoax pushers the real first hand transcript. They can testify under oath if the transcript released by the White House matches their note taking of the call. This will bury the hoax once and for all.

These aren’t spooks with hidden identities to keep secret. They are White House staffers, intelligence agency personnel, State Dept., etc. Now there would be nothing to gain and everything to lose for the democrats if he did this but the optics of refusing would be very difficult for Pelosi to explain. Trump needs to take this step or be faced with endless further whistleblowers and the left demanding call transcripts for other calls. Now that the transcript is in the public domain the voters can see for themselves this is all fake news. Sure there will always be the delusional that won’t believe. They are the ones that watched the Biden video bragging about his quid pro quo with Ukraine and couldn’t see anything wrong there. They are lost souls so no need to worry about them.

Do it now President Trump. Nip their conspiracy theory right in the bud.

Does the left wish to kill free speech? Or something even worse?

The worst part? This garbage is behind a pay wall. Instead of forcing you to pay to read hate speech from the left I just went ahead and did the editor’s job and corrected the headline for the Times.

We can clearly see the coordinated attack on free speech with the left calling on Twitter to censor Trump, the Legislative branch usurping the speech of the Executive branch, etc. There are countless examples. It fits in with the plan to terminate all of the rights of the individual. If it all comes to fruition as the progressives hope, we’ll collectively ask for our rights to be stripped all in the interests of our own safety. It won’t be free speech they’re eradicating. It will be free thought.

The best result the war against Trump has delivered

What has been the single greatest result of the anti-Trump movement in effect since before he even took office? The enemies of the people are being forced to identify themselves. The establishment swamp is vast to be sure but many members have been able to mesh with society and not stand out. Trump is the drawing salve of the swamp. It may be a politician, a media member, celebrity, family member, friend or just the guy down the street that you had no idea about. They’ve had to expose themselves and join the attack on Trump as they realize their very livelihood is at stake. I’ve no doubt that we’ve all had some surprises on both sides as the battle lines are drawn as to which side people fall on. Not every pro-establishment type is a swamp rat. Some are just people who want to preserve their career path. Like any movement you’ll see people with very different things at stake align for a common goal. The swamp is no different. It’s interesting to watch, particularly with the media. Maybe some pundit who you thought was just a weak middle of the road independent who always seems to try to avoid controversy by being an across the aisle compromiser has shown their true colors. I’ve certainly seen a few ‘libertarians’ join the never-Trumpers. That person may not be the pro-communist radical type the left has running but still has a vested interest in seeing Trump go down even if it means economic turmoil or watching their party stay out of power. Make no mistake. They are your enemy. No this doesn’t have to mean literally a fight to the death. Just that whether they even realize it or not, their actions are detrimental to all of our futures. If you believe in liberty, this is a war that cannot be lost. There is no trial period. Once you go past the tipping point, it’s over. Although some would no doubt support it, we don’t have to end up in concentration camps or gulags. It’s just that the freedom and prosperity the U.S. enjoyed and was the best the world has ever seen will be forever gone. This isn’t the first time adversity has made it appear that each time was the worst threat ever. It’s just that there has never been more to lose than right now. The Civil War was a divided nation fighting to the death but they had never experienced the progress of today in so many areas of life and thus didn’t have as much to lose when you weigh the whole of society. The seemingly unprecedented actions we are witnessing today in the battle against the swamp illustrates that all sides are recognizing what’s at stake. If you support liberty, you had better saddle up and prepare to get way out of your comfort zone to keep it. I’ll guarantee your enemy is going all in to take away what you have. We’re just getting warmed up.

Another stupid premise from a CNBC article? Who knew?

Well, it is CNBC, isn’t it? Which is where you would expect to find such hard-hitting opinion pieces as this one.

Opinion: What ever happened to Trump’s boast of 4%, 5% or even 6% growth?

Can anyone guess the answer? Do you suppose it could be his political enemies doing everything they can to stall the economy, even will on a recession? This includes the never Trumper’s on his own side of the aisle as well as the left. They’ve not been shy about proclaiming that a recession would be worth it if it results in getting rid of Trump. The fact that we have any economic growth is pretty amazing when you consider the opposition he faces. In case you wonder where the writer of this opinion piece is oriented politically, perhaps this quote will help decide it for you.

Corporations returned most of their windfall to their shareholders, rather than putting it back into the business. And other data from the Census Bureau show that the tax cut had one other predictable consequence: The rich got richer.

Imagine that. Corporations returning profits to the shareholders they are duty bound to be fiscally responsible to. The very reason investors park their wealth into corporations. That’s the point of lessening the tax burden. Allow taxpayers to decide to either save their profits (the forgotten art of saving money for your future) or to plow it back into investments. If a corporation fails to invest in growth, the board will be held accountable by the shareholders. If the market determines that expending capital is unwise or unwarranted, a business may be better served to wait to expand. Which brings us back to the original point. When a vast array of anti-growth entities are engaged in doing anything and everything to bring down a Presidency, businesses will take pause at risking their assets.

Certainly nothing about our current political scene is a mystery. We are at war with the establishment or swamp if you like. Trump is merely a placeholder. Once gone there will just as ruthless an attack on anyone new that threatens the establishment. Calculating the lost productivity in the incredible outlay of resources in taking Trump down has to be astonishing. What this economy could accomplish without the drag of the profit takers of the swamp is incalculable. Fools like this CNBC pundit that make a living writing about silly notions such as blaming Trump for our economy not realizing its potential are part of that swamp drag like an anchor. In fact, he could make a nice living opining about a successful economy. It’s true of any of these political hacks. Opportunities would abound in an economy unrestrained by the vast swamp, yet they can’t see it or even imagine it. The rich getting richer as his article quotes only applies to the swamp. Corporate shareholders are just everyday people, not just the rich. The only way possible for everyone to benefit is to eliminate the swamp. The 2020 election will help identify which direction the country as a whole wishes to go.

From Fox News – Rashida Tlaib, in contentious tour, tells Detroit police chief to hire only black analysts for facial recognition program

Rashida Tlaib, in contentious tour, tells Detroit police chief to hire only black analysts for facial recognition program


If you wonder if racism is really still happening in 2019 in America, you need look no further. Rashida Tlaib is a pure racist. It’s in her heart. She has systemic preconceived thoughts about entire groups of people simply based upon their skin color. To believe it’s only possible for a person with black skin color to operate facial recognition technology to identify black people is ignorant and asinine. Fortunately the Detroit police chief isn’t mis-wired and not a racist. The voters of Detroit should be ashamed and embarrassed for electing such a repugnant representative. That is the bottom line. This woman reflects the community that elects her. Until she is thrown out of office we can only surmise that Detroit supports racism.