This is a 1969 Ford Boss 429 Mustang.One of only 859 built that year.500 more would be built in 1970 for a total of 1359.If you would like to buy one today,don’t bring your checkbook.Bring your mortgage,your inheritance and your investments as they will bring in excess of $300,000 at auction.Why so much?Because of the legendary hemispherical combustion chamber big block shoe-horned into the drastically re-worked engine bay of the Mustang,that’s why.Modified by Kar-Kraft at its Brighton,MI facility,the Boss 429 was a misunderstood muslecar.It was designed strictly for a NASCAR racetrack.Designed to live all day at 200 mph,it was never meant to be a drag car.You will lose many a race to lesser competition should you attempt to drag race in stock configuration.In fact,one was converted for just that reason.Called the TASCA Mustang drag car,it achieved high 11 second quarter-mile times when the factory restrictions were removed.


Ford had to build the minimum number of street legal versions to qualify the motor for use on the NASCAR tracks so they could take on Chrysler and their famous hemi.They did just that with the Boss 429 and in 1969,they completely dominated the circuit with it.Unfortunately,they dropped it after just one year or who knows what they could have achieved with some serious development time.

 Ford lost money on every single one they ever built.They knew this going in as it was just to satisfy NASCAR’s rules.With an undersized carb,a very mild cam and even a smog pump,all of the de-tuning required to pass emissions testing resulted in a 375hp motor capable of an easy 500hp.This is a spectacular package for a tuner to experiment with,however they are now so valuable,that will likely never happen anymore.I would part with a couple of my kids to get my hands on one of these babys.Not saying which ones as I don’t want any hard feelings!

 Here is a YouTube link for a piece on the My Classic Car tv show-