The decline of America

I write this post without reservation. I take perhaps an unpopular path. I know I am not alone. I simply choose to call things as I truly see them, not as I wish them to be. I believe we are the generation of Americans that have witnessed the changing course of history. We are the generation that has witnessed America at its peak. We have now crossed over the top and have begun the slow decline that has enveloped every great society in the history of our planet. It’s irreversible despite our hopes and wishes. Not due to a lack of will by many, but simply a natural course of events.

You see, I believe this was our destiny all along despite our great foundation that was laid by the founders. America has served as that shining beacon of freedom for over 234 years now. Freedom won’t end tomorrow despite the ideology of Obama. He is inflicting great damage to be sure, but it doesn’t all end on his watch. It’s somewhat ironic that as I write this, I’m watching the Glenn Beck “restoring honor” rally on c-span. I respect and commend those like him that are doing all they can to try to “fix” America. I don’t subscribe to the idea that we can go back in time and “rebuild”.

This is where I believe we are a victim of our own success. If America is the great melting pot, then it’s boiling over. Currently, our population exceeds 310 million. We have a fantastic array of different cultures, religions, value systems, and other varying beliefs. They are all struggling to fit in and co-exist under the umbrella freedom provides. There are other countries more populous, but none come close to supporting the vast cross-section of differences we see today. We have reached a point in which minorities are the majority. I’m not referring to simply ethnicity. I refer to nearly everything including politics. The sentiment is growing in which Americans are fed up with the two-party system. It goes even deeper than that.

How many times have you heard pundits and commentators asking how can this be happening? The fringe elements dictate policy today. Complex changes are occurring in our way of life based on the views of the few, not the majority.An obvious example would be healthcare in which America did not favor what was jammed down our throats. Obama got it done anyway. Everyday, we hear stories of government being out of touch and not listening to its constituents. Some may say this has always been the case. Power corrupts and all that good stuff. Today, it seems different, however. Rather than watching the polls as a guide for deciding how to tell us what we want to hear, elected officials seem more inclined to vote agenda rather than be guided by what gets them re-elected.

I think we have reached a saturation point in diversity. We are a collection of so many different variations of what used to be merely a few. The major religions. The two political parties. White and black. Those days are gone forever. It’s reflected in our youth today. They are desperate to find a way to stand apart. Not to mention the whole entitlement generation thing. That seems to have spread beyond just our youth to a great many adults. Most of you reading this are most likely bloggers and have probably spent time attempting to educate the great unwashed on the perils of government dependency. A tough sell. I get it and so do many others. But changing minds here is tough when times are tough.

My point overall is that nearly all major decisions in our society are likely to be guided by some minority view. The ramifications are that the majority will always hold the view that they aren’t being represented fairly. This leads to constant instability. Many of us now realize that flip-flopping between R and D on the ballot is folly. If the wrong occupant is in the White House, a fringe group can dictate a far-reaching change in policy. EPA, anyone? This is the course of events that will lead us to civil discourse. I certainly don’t know the timeframe or sequence, but it’s rather easy to see where it will lead.

It’s popular rhetoric today to proclaim that we just need to return to our constitutional roots. Get back to where we once were. Do you really believe all of the fringes will simply fall in line and give up their ideals? The progressive movement is more empowered now than ever. They will surely suffer setbacks. Likely as soon as November in the mid-terms. But it’s merely a pause. To think that the Republicans who benefit from the Obama over-reaching will somehow see the light and be endowed with fiscal sanity is just plain stupid thinking. I don’t need another lesson to see the light. The radicals across the board will resume their march. They may change tactics, but it’s relentless.

So, what to do? Head for the hills? Go off the grid? Buy one of those underground shelters and start stocking up? Who knows. It’s more likely that we will all die before America ever goes away. I don’t even know what that means. I don’t see us being taken over by the commies. I just don’t see America as the great nation it once was. Particularly during the industrial revolution and when we ruled the world in manufacturing and technological innovations. We will still be a leader in so many areas. But to continue on as numero uno, the handwriting is on the wall.  Consider yourself fortunate to have lived thru it.