Ya know, I wasn’t going to do the obligatory 9-1-1 post today at all since it’s being replayed everywhere, but I can’t help myself from throwing out my two cents. I would think that by now we would stop looking at it in a bubble. This was, after all, just another in a string of events that began with the 1972 Olympics. Islamic Jihadists began their attacks on the western civilization then. This was followed by the various attacks throughout the years including the first successful attack on the WTC in 1993. Yes, it was a success. The only difference is the buildings didn’t come down. Just like the shoe bomber was a success. He was lighting the fuse that would have brought down that plane. Same as the Christmas day bomber in Detroit. All of these attacks may not have achieved their ultimate goal, but clearly they weren’t stopped by our security or intelligence forces. Whether it was poor planning or poor execution, it doesn’t matter.

Does anyone honestly believe we can win a war on terror? That we can weed them all out of their caves in Afghanistan and defeat them? Only a fool would. If you practice a policy of total ignorance, you can convince yourself that we can do it. That we can win the war of their minds. That they will simply reject their religious views that dictate that all those that don’t convert must die. Dream on. I have many conflicting views on the why and how of these events. The unanswered questions and coincidences. I have no idea if the conspiracy theorists are right. You can’t base it on internet intel which is what most of us must do. Firsthand knowledge is only available to a few. Much of it is hard to ignore.

We can clearly draw an informed opinion, however, of religious views and tolerances. We could wipe Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Iran, Syria and any number of other terrorist hotbeds off the map and guess what?  The terrorists would still exist because nukes don’t eliminate ideologies. The hatred towards Christians and the west in general would only grow exponentially. So don’t look for an endgame. If you are of Christian faith, you know what comprises the real endgame anyway. I can’t support the ongoing wars abroad as a way to defeat terrorism. If you wish to do so out of retaliation, so be it. But don’t do it believing they will change anything. I also firmly believe we could eliminate Osama Bin Laden if we so choose. I will never buy that he can remain hidden for all these years considering the vast array of resources we have at our disposal. Not a chance. Why do we let him live? I can only speculate but it’s like any puzzle or anomaly. You must keep your eye on the bigger picture.

So go ahead and grieve for the victims of 9-1-1 today. Absolutely we should. But despite the scope of the tragedy, it’s just another piece of the bigger puzzle that’s been going on for decades. I would suggest looking to your faith, whatever that may be, for answers on how to deal with what’s really happening here. You’ll certainly never get them from a White House presser or DOD defense policy. It doesn’t really matter much whether Obama wants to live in denial and play word games with what terrorism is. He is irrelevant in the bigger picture of religious wars. I would suggest going about your life the best way you know how even with the knowledge that attacks on your way of life and your beliefs will likely always exist for the rest of our lives.