The danger from having the left control the White House, both Houses of Congress, the courts, the unions, the media and academia is on full display. Nothing good. A litany of woes with little hope or optimism is what we’re left with. We’ve seen it all before as history is a great teacher of what does not work. Socialism has failed at every turn. Keynesian economics has also failed around the globe. Everything Obama is trying has already been tried somewhere at sometime and did not work. The only perceived benefit from these types of government manipulation type policies is a kick the can down the road result. Delay the pain today and we will only see it multiplied in spades later on. This is exactly what we have today.

One would think that we have seen the worst. How could things possibly be even more detrimental than what we’ve seen the last 20 months? I’ll tell you how. Elect some of these beasts into office next month.

Oh, I’m sorry. No offense to our 4 legged friends that we love to observe down at the local zoo. I meant this kind of RINO.

Likely, even more dangerous than a flaming liberal because they actively promote many of the same policies only in disguise. Scott Brown, anyone? Now, we have seen some successes to date in purging these RINO’s as in the case of Mike Castle. However, it has to go much deeper to have a positive effect. Sure, it’s good to defeat progressives and the far left, but to install a GOP’er just because is very dangerous. We have all seen our share of weak Republicans that love big government spending and growing government overall. Nothing is worse than these phonies. At least the extremist lefties wear their badge of honor and you know what’s coming. Going forward, if we are to see any real stabilizing of our economy, we need reliability above all out of these elected officials. You’ll always have significant opposition in virtually every policy battle, but not knowing your enemies makes it much tougher. You have to pick and choose your battles to begin with, so identifying where people stand on principle is vital.

An abundance of RINO’s elected just to punish the Democrats will be a disaster. Nothing will get repealed and Obama may manage to enact even more of his twisted agenda. And it will be at the expense of the GOP as they won’t have the cover of the left’s dominance anymore. They will take much of the blame for the gridlock and we could revert right back to this mess again in 2012. In other words, it will be business as usual with us flip-flopping back and forth between two inept parties. We must purge the guts of Congress like a good, quality enema. It’s the hope and change we really need as American citizens. Real change that will benefit us.


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