Thank you sir,may I please have another!

I don’t really know how else to describe what has just transpired in the mid-terms other than the famous military statement requesting more punishment (or from Animal House,whichever you prefer). I’m speaking about the American people. You won’t hear it spun that way today. Instead, it will be all about the wave sweeping across the nation with the GOP landslide. The problem is it wasn’t anywhere near large enough.

When you look at the individual races and see who was retained after the nightmarish 2 years we just experienced, it’s baffling to say the least. Nevada should simply be dis-enfranchised from the union. After the housing debacle and the staggering foreclosure rate to go along with the nations highest unemployment rate, to think that they would send that idiot Harry Reid back to the Senate for 6 years is just criminal. Now, I know they’ll get what they asked for with years of disaster now assured under the guidance of Reid, but unfortunately we all have to pay the price as well with him re-installed as Senate majority leader. Unbelievable.

And it goes on and on. Barney Frank. Barbara Boxer. John McCain. John Dingell. Jerry Brown? Seriously? Virtually the entire state of New York. Just like Obama has been spewing for months now, the same people that got us into this mess are rewarded with the opportunity to make it worse. What in the world is the American populace thinking? I’m not a raving fan of many of the opposing candidates like a Meg Whitman or Sharron Angle or Christine O’Donnell or Carly Fiorina, but I absolutely know I don’t want the same fools back in office that are destroying this country.

My state of Michigan has followed the lead of New York and California and decided they want no part of any recovery. A decade of depression is apparently not long enough. Sure, we had a Republican win the Governor’s race, but he’s a major RINO. I realize that was the only choice against Bernero, but it was the same public that chose Snyder in the primary. You had Mike Bouchard who was a solid conservative to choose instead, but went with a RINO. So, Granholm may finally be gone, but the chance to clean house of all of her leftover garbage is now gone.

Other state races were worse. John Dingell, the dinosaur, still here. Dale Kildee, another dinosaur, still here. Gary Rogers looks like he may survive. Half a century of the liberalism experiment has been an utter and abject failure in cities like Detroit and Flint. Now they are guaranteed to continue along the same path.

Again, I don’t support voting Republican just for the sake of running the Democrats out-of-town. We need to elect true conservatives everywhere. We are still sitting here this morning with Obama in the White House with his veto pen. Reid still runs the Senate. Boehner is now the House Speaker, but he shown his weakness already and is more than willing to compromise. Thankfully, Barney Frank loses his status as committee chairman and Chris Dodd didn’t run, so I don’t want to give the impression that no good at all came out of this. Pelosi will surely retire. She won’t hang around to be a patsy for Boehner. So that’s great news.

I guess that things simply haven’t deteriorated enough in certain areas of the country. There should have been enough voter rage to overcome even the entrenched boneheads that will vote the same idiots back in time and time again. But obviously, there wasn’t. Now we are in position for two years of finger-pointing and childlike tantrums. A Congress in gridlock, which is probably a very good thing, means little will change. Healthcare is not getting repealed. Cap and trade will not go through the Congress, so Obama will double down on his efforts to get it done through the EPA. I would think both parties are quite happy with the outcome. Had the GOP won the Senate, they would have been held accountable for actually coming through on making changes. Now both parties can effectively play the blame game and start positioning themselves for the 2012 election.

We showed some promise for a while that perhaps we had become fed up enough to really make some changes. Unfortunately, that didn’t come to fruition. With the gridlock now in place, we can be sure that our economy will remain in the tank and unemployment will stay high. So, if you liked what you saw the last two years, you’re a happy person today because you’ve got more headed your way!

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  1. Well said Sir. I have to say I agree with you, unfortunately. Richard McEnroe pointed out last night that the Republican who won Obama’s Senate seat voted for Cap and Tax. Big change there. *sarc* Like I tweeted back, don’t they have any good candidates in Illinois? I’m not getting my hopes up. And watch out the next 2 months. The narcissist and his cronies will be pushing through what they can. Obamacare the sequel? arrggh
    Like an addict, we haven’t hit our bottom as a nation.

  2. I know my view might be as popular as the lights coming on at the bar at the end of the night,but election cycles in which you’re riding the wave don’t come along everyday.We should have capitalized more.

  3. Interesting, isn’t it? How the 3 worst states – Michigan, Nevada, and California – all (more or less) chose more statism? Yes to Jerry Brown and no to prop 19? The electorate in CA is smoking somethin’ a lot stronger than marijuana.

  4. In the district just north of me Eddie Bernice Johnson won reelection by a landslide. Unbelievable!

    With redistricting next year, hopefully she will be gerrymandered out of a job.

  5. You’d think they would’ve tried to raise a little revenue off the pot tax.Since when has a morality issue ever got in the way on the left coast?Can’t figure that one out.

  6. Just did a Google search on her.Nearly every result has corruption or ethics violation attached to it.Just re-inforces the point of the post-we’re gluttons for punishment.Thanks for commenting.

  7. Great points. After listening to ‘The Nerd’ (Rick Snyder) espouse platitudes for 10 mins on the radio this morning is not inspiring confidence.

  8. Well,he was the only plausible choice of the two.Let’s hope he at least shows some fiscal responsibility even if he’s not a conservative.

  9. Half of America pays no taxes. Half of America pays no taxes. Just thought I would repeat that. This is all the wave we are going to get, when half of the country is already mooching off of the other half and has no incentive to stop. Our wave is 15 years too late. Instead of taking advantage of the mid 90s wave when we still had a chance – a chance to seal our borders, a chance to defend our nation, a chance to wean the population off the government teat – that wave was squandered. This one is too late and too small to do any good but delay the inevitable. I’m really not trying to be a downer or a defeatist – I will fight against America’s enemies to my dying breath, no matter how futile or how foregone the conclusion. Something could still happen that turns it all around, that wakes up the nation, that brings the crest of a true wave in 2012. I have no idea what that something is. I cannot think of any trigger that falls into that category that is not something very, very bad, but if nothing catastrophic happens between now and then I cannot see a slim majority of the RINO party taking control of one house as the wave that will save the future of our nation.

  10. Republicans added 60, maybe more, and took control of the House, they added six in the Senate, they took the NC legislature for the first time in over 100 years, there were big gains in down-ticket races all through the country, but that’s not good enough because the deeply liberal states stayed deeply liberal?
    You’re a glass half-empty kind of guy, aren’t you?

  11. I’m not a Republican.I don’t care if they win 435-0.I’ve no interest in seeing the country go back and forth between the two parties with the result being our liberties further eroded little by little in the meantime.Both parties are guilty of reckless disregard of being good stewards of the taxpayers money.The ideology of the Progressives is anti-liberty.I would hope to see it eradicated like a cancer.Retaining many of the major proponents of it simply means they will continue to push it even if they’re temporarily out of power.We just experienced one of the largest mandates for real change prior to an election most of us will ever witness,yet we still have the major liberal players left to deal with the next time they have the majority.I just don’t see any reason to settle for that and call it good.But that’s why we all have an opinion,isn’t it?

  12. I realize I’m a couple of days too late, but….

    Our problem is that we’re focusing on POLITICIANS – the symptom – instead of on THE DISEASE.

    The cancer is collectivism, but the politicians are only elected because of the people who vote for them.

    THESE are the people we must – figuratively speaking – purge from our society.

    Have “progressive” friends? SHUN THEM.

    Employees? FIRE THEM.

    Do business with them? STOP!

    Does your bank give to leftard candidates? TAKE YOUR BUSINESS ELSEWHERE!

    Further, when enacting all of the above, it’s CRITICAL to TELL THEM why you’re taking such actions! “political correctness” is the evil which enables all of this. REFUSE TO BE SILENCED! Don’t let their zombie ad-hominems intimidate you! IT IS NOT “racist” to say that giving someone preference because of their race (“affirmative action”) is wrong! It’s not “sexist” to say that lowering standards so weaker females can “keep up” with males as firefighters or cops is STUPID!

    We need to return to the days when being a com-symp was a sure ticket to unemployment and loneliness!


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