President Obama, are you listening? I’ve got an idea that I’m willing to simply give away to you royalty free. We’ve got over 14 million unemployed Americans right now. How about a way to cut that in half? What if that way fit right in with the garbage you’ve been spewing about making everything fair for all Americans? Remember when you laid that one on us about at some point we’ve made enough money’? Remember Joe the plumber? You told him this -” I don’t want to punish you for your success, but we need to spread the wealth so those below you can have your same success”.

Seems like you want to eliminate the upper and lower classes, right? Make everybody middle class and everything fair for everybody. But it’s not socialism or Marxism or communism. Sure thing, whatever you say. In keeping with that theme, it would seem ‘unfair’ that we have people who work more than one job. Is that fair? If I can’t even find one job, why should someone else be able to work two? Or three?

Why not ‘spread the wealth’ and limit people to just one job? According to the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), there are approximately 7 million Americans working multiple jobs. Greedy, evil people. What are they thinking trying to make ends meet so they aren’t a burden on society? Let’s punish them and limit people to one job. There, you just eliminated 7 million unemployed with the stroke of a pen. And it’s all good for your socialist utopia. Idiot!