Here is the link to the mystery missile video that launched off the coast of L.A. last night.

Apparently the military hasn’t conjured up a story to share with us yet, so we’ll wait with baited breath for that. In the meantime, here is a picture of a missile launched near Luke AFB earlier this year that was never explained as well. They look rather similar, don’t you think?

Sorry, military spin machine, nobody is buying that you don’t know what is going on. Who knows why there is such apparent confusion over who or why these missiles are being launched, but you’d think the military could get their act together a little better on the PR end.

UPDATE – sounds like everyone is attributing this to be a jet contrail. FAA data should be able to confirm this. I did just watch the video again. Near its apex, you can see the glow of the engine. I don’t know about you, but I usually don’t see that with a commercial airliner. That’s what you would see with a fighter jet afterburner. Or a missile. Who knows.


5 thoughts on “Mystery missiles

  1. You know, although they do leave a cool vapor trail, and I’m sure they look really cool going up, I’m not so sure your tag of “cool stuff” quite fits the scenario. My choice would be WTF!!!!? YSMFBCUABSAPOEIGSMBBOTTTYAL!!!
    (you stupid mother effers better cough up a believable story and pronto or else I’m gonna send my big brother over there to teach you a lesson!) or something. 🙂
    This stuff pisses me off. I’m with you though, why no story at all? It qualifies as mild terrorism.

  2. You may have created the world’s longest acronym. I’ll have to get with Guiness and get back to you. As far as the ‘cool stuff’ tag, I’m just too lazy to create more categories, so that’s where it went.

  3. My personal opinion…this was a missile all the way. Think about this, what if a Chinese or Russian nuclear sub parked off the coast of California and they’re sending us a message or they’re probing to see what our response would be. After all the Chinese are pretty upset with what we are doing to the dollar. Is it too conspiratorial or possibly on target? Which is more believable? The military can’t tell the people this because first off this is not supposed to happen. And second people would want an explanation and some heads to roll. So they came up with some lame story for the ignorant. That’s just my two cents for what it’s worth.

  4. They could have squelched it right away had they just come out and said it was flight xxx. Certainly seems plausible to be a contrail. But they waited two days as if they were really caught off-guard. If it was a saber rattling attempt by a rogue nation, you’d think they would take credit much as a terrorist does very publicly. One of those deals where we’ll never know for sure unless somebody has a video of a missile actually emerging from the water.

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