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The looming showdown – part two

This is a follow-up to a post I wrote yesterday titled “The looming showdown”. John over at The Current also has an excellent post up with a similar theme. You can read it here – http://thecurrent9171787.blogspot.com/2010/11/my-struggle-with-compromise.html

The showdown is between competing ideologies. The conservatives are losing. The last century has belonged to the progressives. Hands down. They have advanced their agenda while conservatives were asleep at the wheel. Oh sure, we win elections now and then, but the creep of progressivism never ceases.

Every election is the same. Energize your base to go to the polls and sway enough independents your way and you win. Yet, even when conservatives win an election, they don’t stop moving the progressive agenda forward. They just adapt and do it out of the spotlight.

We have been a victim of our own beliefs. We value our independence. We value accountability. We value opportunity. Above all, we value liberty. The very nature of these beliefs has led us to stand-by while our liberty and our wealth is being stolen away. We expect that it should be a clear choice to Americans, choosing independence over dependency. But we lost academia. Independence is no longer taught as a virtue. Fairness and equality have replaced it.

It’s not good enough to just throw the comparison out there and ask America to choose. The dependency culture is a cancer and a trap. Once in its clutches, it’s difficult to rise up and take the hard road. That’s being a victim of our success. So many great achievements over the last 234 years will do that. That’s why we have to fight every battle, even those that we will surely lose.

The far left is considered a lost cause. I won’t argue that point. But I will say that as dependency and progressivism continue to advance, and they will, the rules will change. What is today considered a liberal used to be considered the far left. The extremist gobble up more of the center. If we only target the center because we think it’s winnable, that pie is getting smaller. The off-limits far left of today is growing because of dependency. There will be a new, even more extreme, far left that will emerge. It’s a dumbing down process. That’s the price we pay for allowing entities like the Federal Reserve to erode away our wealth. The longer the economy falters, the more the dependency nation grows.

I think we need the showdown to come to a head. We must fight all the battles. If we continue to choose only the winnable fights, it’s a losing game. We need to show even more passion than they do. No apologies. Wear conservatism like a badge of honor. And above all, tell everybody who will or will not listen why it’s virtues are what made America great and are the best way forward for all Americans. 


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  1. Another great post 5etester. I think our posts have stirred it up a bit and that is a good thing. It keeps us sharp. Thank you for the link. I linked to part one in my Teeing it Up post.

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