What’s the matter with you (disclaimer-not you if you aren’t one of those people)? I just don’t get it. All I hear anymore is that the American people have seen the light and are awakened. You can’t fool them anymore. Try to take advantage of them now and boy, will you ever pay. OK. Sure.

Let’s look at a few examples of the confusion. Take the earmarks controversy. This one is a no-brainer. The GOP is going to come swooping in to either freeze or eliminate earmarks and score major brownie points for doing so. We’ll cheer them on because they’re trying to clean up Congress. Suckers! I want every single tax dollar appropriated to be earmarked. I want to know where every dollar is being spent and who is responsible for it. Let them actually have a paper trail of how they spend our money. Instead, we buy into the notion that transparency is somehow bad. That earmarks are only extra, wasted tax dollars. Instead, we prefer big, fat general funds with no accountability. Duh! Eliminate earmarks and the size of the bill remains the same and becomes even more slushy. Come on, people. If you believe this is eliminating pork, you’ll be sorely disappointed.

How about you  that scream about evil, greedy bankers. These people won’t even be admitted by Satan himself, they’re so bad. Yet ,we support the Fed. Yeah, the Fed. A collection of the biggest, evil, greedy bankers there are. So, the big Wall St. banks are bad (which I’m not arguing their greed BTW) and the controllers of those banks are somehow saints? Duh! End the Fed!

It’s not just banks. It’s all corporations. Just look at the greed. Just look at how they have taken advantage of the poor, little guy on the street. What does a corporation do? They have a fiduciary responsibility to their shareholders to maximize profit. That’s what any business is in it for, including the mom and pops. So they are evil because they are trying to make money. Or, as Obama likes to say, at some point you’ve made enough money. So they can make money,  just not too much. On the other hand, we have the government. In essence, they also have a fiduciary responsibility. They are supposed to spend our tax dollars wisely. Duh!

What is the difference here? The whole stigma thing is very confusing. Corporations are attempting to make money for the investors and you directly received a good or service in return. Government appropriates your tax dollars in a blatantly unfair way. Special interests and lobbyists determine where the bulk goes. Some people make out like bandits on a dollar for dollar basis. Some get screwed totally. No one can make the claim it is fair to all. But that’s OK.

Are corporations greedy? Sure. Are governments greedy? Sure. Who’s on the short end of the stick here? Look at the backlash over the government takeover of the car companies. The tax payers now own over 60% of GM. We hear in the news all the bad things about that. But what about housing? GSE’s (Government Sponsored Enterprises) like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac now own over 90% of all residential mortgages. Where is the outrage? It comes nowhere near the level of what’s said about GM and Chrysler.

The real test for us will come with austerity. The American people are demanding spending cuts. We want fiscal responsibility. We want balanced budgets. We want the debt paid off. But just how bad do we want it? Will we still want it when it comes to our neighborhood. You know the old joke about recession and depression. Your neighbor loses his job, it’s a recession. Lose your job and it’s a depression. Well, now we have the equivalent here with austerity. Your neighbor makes sacrifices and it’s for the good of the country. When you have to make sacrifices it’s hardship and inhumane.

I could go on and on. The left-right paradox. Who’s more evil this week? Do you really think it’s only been one party taking us for a ride all these years? The same people are making money regardless. Big industry. Big corporations. Big banks. Big government. Do you really want to change the status quo? Then step out of the box. Don’t be safe. Don’t leave it for others to fight. Draw a line in the sand and do like Howard Beale did it. Don’t take it anymore!