The TSA fiasco makes me wonder about a few things. The are a few points that merit mentioning. The debate over the full body scans. This technology is no doubt useful for its intended purpose. But keep in mind that it would have made no difference at all in preventing 9-1-1. There were only boxcutters, no bombs. Some people are calling for dogs in lieu of the full body scans. Dogs are great, probably better than the bomb sniffers in use, but they can’t sniff out a weapon so they would not be the end all. Boxcutters would likely no longer be the weapon of choice as the perpetrators would likely get beat down by the passengers if they tried that again. But they make some nice all plastic pistols that would get by a metal detector and a dog. So you need a mix of methods to detect all potential threats.

The issue really comes down to efficiency. The TSA is using the least efficient method possible to detect threats. They are screening everybody the same rather than profiling. They are mandated to be politically correct by our government and groups like the ACLU which results in this approach. Why is Israel so much more effective? Is it because they have better technology? Are they more thorough? No, they work smarter, not harder like the old adage. It’s all premised on the interview process. Asking the right questions with the right methods for following up on the answers is the key to their success. Politically correct is thrown out the window. Efficiently identifying potential threats is the goal and their methods just work much better than ours.

Many are calling for a return to private companies to perform screening. The detractors of this idea like to point out that it was private screeners that allowed 9-1-1 to happen. They conveniently leave out the fact that boxcutters were not banned at that time. We’re always a day late and a dollar short. Thanks to Richard Reid, the shoe bomber, we now automatically have to take off our shoes at airports. Richard Reid was a success. His bomb didn’t go off because he didn’t plan it well enough, but make no mistake, he got away with it. When you get to the point where you are igniting the bomb, you succeeded. Our security absolutely failed here, despite claiming success for averting the near disaster.

Now we have the underwear bomber at Christmas in Detroit. He has caused us to go through the groinoscopy treatment now. Again, he was a success. The bomb didn’t ignite, but he got through, was on the plane and could have pulled it off were it not for the alert passengers. By the way, whatever happened to the guy shooting video that stood up at just the right time to film it? Haven’t heard any explanation on that one.

Since I brought up the cameraman conspiracy, here’s another one for you. We know Obama hates capitalism. We know he loves big government and the dependency nation. We know he loves bailouts and having government take over private industry. Gee, maybe he has Big Sis implementing such invasive screening procedures so people will actually quit flying. People quit flying and the airlines suffer and guess what? They need a bailout. And Obama comes riding in to the rescue and takes over the airline industry. More dependency, more democratic votes. Government runs airline security, why not the airlines as well?

The American people need to decide this one. Profiling is simply the most effective, most efficient way to provide security without making the process so cumbersome as to be an impediment to travel. Which do you want to give up? Would you prefer to be molested and gawked at naked or would you rather drop the treat everyone equally mandate? If your one of the unfortunate ones that falls into the wrong demographics, your answer is likely door number one.

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