We’ll find out next week if the TSA Opt-out Day has any impact. I can’t see it. If people think they can shame the TSA into policy changes, they haven’t been paying attention. Remember, the TSA has no shareholders screaming for blood from the bad PR. The result may be even longer lines and more frustrated people, so we may get a butt load of viral You Tube video’s of TSA sexual assaults. Airports have an opt-out option written into the legislation, so if enough of them follow through, that may get the government’s attention.

The next grass-roots style movement has its roots in Europe. It’s Banker Mutiny Day on Dec. 7th. It’s spreading throughout Europe. The idea is to withdraw all of your money from the bank on this day. A full on bank run. The theory is to protest and take away the power of the banking elite. It hasn’t seemed to have gained much traction here in the U.S., however. That would be one way to trigger the global financial collapse we’ve been hearing about. The simple fact is the banks don’t have all of your money. That’s the beauty of fractional reserve banking. Every dollar you deposited in the bank was multiplied ten times over in the form of loans and other banking investment vehicles. If everybody shows up at the teller all at once, the system quickly collapses and the financial collapse would be on.

That’s the theory behind fractional reserve banking. Most people will simply leave their money in the bank most of the time. Only a small percentage will withdraw their money on any given day. Thus they can safely loan out much more money than they actually have deposited. A bank run is considered a miniscule risk. Besides, if a run of any significance really did get underway, it wouldn’t take long before a bank holiday would be declared and the system would be shut down. So you couldn’t get your money anyway. The Federal Reserve has the same type of authority as the FAA. When 9-1-1 was underway, they shut down air travel nationwide simultaneously. The banks would do the same.

Regardless, it would certainly accomplish its goal of putting sunlight on the banking scam employed by central banks around the globe. The majority of people have complete ignorance of how the banking system works. They just assume that they deposit their money in their local bank and it just always stays right there like a safe deposit box. What happens to it after the bank gets their hands on it is a mystery to most people.

I would suggest this. If somehow this movement actually gets any legs under it here in the states, make sure you have enough cash on hand ahead of time for at least a few days. If a bank holiday were declared, it would be very inconvenient and may take a while to unwind. You wouldn’t want to get caught short if you wait until Dec. 7th to go get your money and are turned away because a holiday was declared.

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  1. Well that could be a disaster. Of course the hard left wants it all to collapse so they can (in their plans) establish a global socialist state. We want to end it by other means, but it’ll get ugly if the lefties can pull this off.

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