Ordo Ab Chao is a Latin phrase meaning “Order out of Chaos”. It is the tactic being employed as we speak in order to re-make society. It was the 15th century philosopher Machiavelli who said “Never waste the opportunities offered by a good crisis”. Sorry, Rahm Emanuel, you only get credit for borrowing it. As we see, the approach of “Crisis equals Opportunity” is not a new one. It is tried and true dating all the back through Biblical times. You must have a crisis in order to have the permission of the people to acquiesce authority. Once authority is ceded, those in power are then able to restore order under the guise of safety.

We’ve experienced two events in the last decade that qualify. 9-1-1 and the recession of 2007-09. Both resulted in exactly what was predicted. Government was granted ever greater authority in order to protect us. We do it willingly. The USA Patriot Act and the creation of the Dept. of Homeland Security arose from the ashes of 9-1-1. They have combined to strip Americans of liberties we would have never given up willingly prior to this. You need look no further than the TSA. Everyday Americans are now subject to invasive searches ordinarily reserved for criminal arrests. All done in the interest of our safety.

The recession was not about personal safety, but financial security. The principle, however, is the same. Take advantage of a crisis in order to protect us. The Federal Reserve has now become the World Bank for all intents and purposes. It’s power has never been greater. From the ashes of the mortgage meltdown, we saw a whole host of financial vehicles created such as TARP and the other liquidity programs. The Fed just reported nearly $9 trillion dollars was extended across the globe to various entities. If they admit to that, one can be certain it was much more since we don’t have the authority to do a complete audit of all of their activities. And then, of course, we had the financial reform legislation passed earlier this year which is designed to protect the bankers even more. Again, all done in the interests of our safety and security.

We’ve now moved on to the area of information security. The Wikileaks scandal is providing the perfect vehicle for more crisis control. Cyber warfare is very real. So much of our lives are now dependent on the flow of information that it makes for an irresistible target. Obviously, areas such as national security and the financial sector are highly vulnerable. However, you can’t forget about things such as air traffic control or commerce. Wikileaks has exposed our system of diplomacy already and the banking sector is next. The headlines are blaring right now about the national security risk and even a risk to our economy. This crisis won’t go to waste either as legislation will be forthcoming to give the government much greater control over the internet and our personal privacy. Yes, in the interest of our safety and security.

There will be more and more down the road. Certainly the debt crisis is looming. There are very real threats to our energy needs, our water supply, our food supply. When you broach the subject of freedom and an ever more intrusive government, you are generally shoved into the conspiracy camp pretty quickly. The erosion of our liberty is a slow, methodical process. It doesn’t have to be black helicopters and secret societies plotting our demise. Government in general has proven to be very opportunistic. They take advantage of the multitude of crises that continue to come down the pike. A nudge here. Perhaps creating on opening over there. They don’t have to be the ones sitting in dark, smoke-filled rooms, or overseas caves as the case may be, to hatch these diabolical plots. But we have seen over and over, they don’t act to prevent the crisis even when they could have. Virtually without exception, we’ve seen that the government was aware of the many red flags popping up prior to the terrorists attacks that have taken place subsequent to and including 9-1-1. You could go back as far as you like and see the pattern. They may not be behind the acts themselves, but they are right there to pounce when they occur.

Divide and conquer may be an old axiom, but it is true. We are consumed with our class warfare battles. We fight over political ideologies. Should we tax or spend. We still have a race divide. Immigration. Sexual preference. Religion. You could go on and on. The power elites at the top don’t need to engineer these crises. As I said earlier, they may provide a boost through policy, but the heavy lifting takes care of itself. Take the Federal Reserve. The very nature of a central bank ensures that perpetual boom/bust cycles will occur. This guarantees that every so often an opportunity like the recession of 2007-09 will occur naturally and government will be there to capitalize.

What is the major compliant of our national security strategy today? That it is reactive. That we are always fighting the last war. Most new policies put in place are simply to ensure that it doesn’t happen again. Yet, the terrorists have already moved on to something new. We don’t fight wars to win them. Rather, we engage in nation building. War is profitable for a certain sector and they want to ensure a constant revenue stream. Even wearing partisan blinders is no excuse for not seeing this. We may wish to make the claim that we are defending liberty and human rights around the globe, but it doesn’t hold up upon examination. We pick and choose our battles. We stand-by idly in some countries that are blatantly violating basic human rights and have no semblance of liberty at all. When you are inconsistent with your practices, your policies aren’t respected and have no value. This is why America is so hated in some areas of the world.Does this warrant terrorist attacks on us in response? Of course not, but our inconsistent practices lead to confusion and misunderstanding of what America represents. Thus, you get a love/hate relationship with other countries around the globe.

All of these examples lead back to one thing. Chaos. When chaos is a constant, crises are also a constant. The opportunities to alter the order of society are then also a constant. The founders knew this. They warned us of it. Remember Benjamin Franklin gave us “a Republic if you can keep it”. The founders understood human nature as much as anything. I have mentioned in other posts that I believe any society has a natural “limit”. Even a free society. Human nature simply won’t allow us to continue with the status quo. We find a way to self-implode.

This is where America is headed. Each new crisis is shrinking some part of our liberty. We blindly just give it away in exchange for protection. Many times, otherwise good people can be fooled and don’t see what is really happening. That’s the case with Wikileaks. Even many so-called Conservatives are rallying behind the state against Wikileaks. Julian Assange is just a role player. A patsy. An interchangeable piece of a puzzle. He serves a purpose. The pattern we see with the terrorists is here as well. Lots of red flags along the way. Prior knowledge by our government. Yet, they stand-by and let it happen. Coincidence? No, by design. You’ll note that no Top Secret info was leaked. Only diplomatic cables widely available on a government intranet. The government simply opened the door and Assange walked right through it. Now they will reap the rewards.

Honestly, I don’t see how to stop it. Far too many people don’t even realize what is happening. Some see it but don’t want to believe it. Most don’t know what to do about it even if they do see it. All one can do is your best. Spread the knowledge. Awareness is the best antidote to chaos. Perhaps if we educate enough people, ours could be the generation that breaks the mold.


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