Are you average? See how you fit in with the average schmuck according to this chart. From Visual Economics.


8 thoughts on “Where did you spend your money?

  1. I would say I fit right in with the average fellow. Take the money from the alcohol and tobacco and put it with the food and there I would be.

  2. I notice they don’t include taxes in that pie chart. Hmmmm …. Also, I notice they throw social security (which is a tax) into the “insurance/pension” category. Hmmmm … Does the Dept of Labor want us to pretend taxes don’t cost us money? Income tax, property tax, payroll tax, sales tax, phone tax, cable tax, and on and on and on … If added to the chart, people would see that income taxes alone cost them about the same as their house! Why is it again, that 2-income households are struggling to get by?

  3. “We the People” need to call this what it is … outright theft! Cut it in half and we’d experience an economic boom like none other in history. Cut it down to 10% … a man can dream, can’t he?

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