Just wanted to point out the newest member on the menu of recommend blogs is Political Realities authored by LD Jackson.  Look up ^ there and you’ll see it. He and I have been discussing the issue of earmarks and pork and doing a little cross-posting as well. Go here to read his latest on the subject. Please jump in and throw in your two cents.

While I’m here, I might as well throw my two cents in on some current events.

Seem a little strange that after relentlessly bashing the “failed policies of the previous administration” for the past two years, Congressional democrats still voted to extend those same Bush tax cuts that caused all the problems?

Seem a little strange that the pending Omnibus bill contains over $700 million dollars of those earmarks from members of Congress that voted to eliminate earmarks?

Seem a little strange that Obama just lost in court on his health care premise that makes the claim that if you fail to purchase health care insurance, you have conducted “economic activity” which is the supposed qualifier for the health insurance mandate under the commerce clause? In other words, doing nothing qualifies as commerce?

Seem a little strange that Obama double speak means cutting your taxes and allowing you to keep your own money somehow “costs” you money?

Seem a little strange that cutting social security withholding from 6.2% to 4.2%, which theoretically is going into the social security trust fund, will also “cost” the taxpayers money?

Seem a little strange that providing unemployment welfare checks will somehow create jobs, yet those who have drawn for the full 99 weeks already won’t get a check or a job? 

Strange days indeed!


2 thoughts on “Strange days indeed!

  1. Thanks for including me in your recommended blogs list, 5etester. I do appreciate it.

    I think your list of strange “facts” qualifies as fact is stranger than fiction. Some of this stuff just can’t be made up.

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