Let me be the first to admit I was wrong. I had anticipated the lame duck to be more blustery than usual, but with little substance other than necessary budgetary issues. How wrong I was. If there was anyone out there left hoping that the GOP would heed the message from the mid-terms, you are certified delusional if you still do. The Democrats packed a year’s worth of bad legislation into just 6 weeks. That’s expected, of course, but the GOP actions were startling even to a critic such as myself. I would have hoped the GOP would have mustered up enough courage to simply stall and block and get the legislative battles moved into the next Congress when they have the House. Not the case. They were active participants in getting this garbage passed. I’ve seen all I need to see.

In fairness, I must throw out a disclaimer. Most of these GOP’ers crossing over and voting with the left have been depicted as RINO’s, yet they are flat-out leftists. So their so-called “defections” are to be expected. Where does the blame fall for this? Why, right at the feet of us for putting them in office. I think we need to officially drop the Republican and Democrat monikers. Let’s call them America’s Party. We put them there, so we shouldn’t be surprised. I, in fact, took some amount of flak for criticizing the results of the mid-terms for not be nearly enough one-sided. I rest my case. We needed many more elected who will have spines and act to reverse direction in this country. Offsetting the large number of “squishy” Republicans who are no different from Democrats will take a massive turnover. Now we are once again left to wait until 2012 before we can hope to see any real change.

Our country will be weaker, probably tomorrow, when the START treaty is ratified. The Russians have taken us to the woodshed once again on this one. It’s clear that the only one significantly reducing nuclear weapons will be the U.S. and not Russia. They are already virtually at the new thresholds. I think they would fare will on Wall Street as they have shown extraordinary skill in fudging numbers.

Add-on the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” vote and our military strength is diminishing daily. Then there is the tax rate fiasco sold as a tax cut. Today it got worse because the budget bill is being pushed through. The FCC has executed its power play on controlling the internet. The food safety bill which is another jobs killer is in. They nearly got amnesty. Obama killed off-shore drilling. The GOP tells us they heard our message. No such thing happened. Those of you who wish to wait and give them a chance next year, knock yourselves out. Yes, they will achieve some victories along the way. But on balance, it won’t be enough.

 Lame duck sessions of Congress need to be eliminated. We need a mechanism in place for national emergencies, and that’s it. Perhaps a Presidential executive order and a two-thirds yes vote from each chamber just to hold a session during lame duck. If you did like so many Americans did and busted your butt getting the message out during this last year to influence the mid-terms, you are surely outraged that Congress is flipping you the bird right now. They have sent you a message. Have you heard their message? They are telling you that you are still irrelevant because they will still do as they see fit. Anyone who thought they could take a minute and catch their breath because they thought they were part of a historic mid-term mandate needs to seriously reconsider. Your work has only just begun.


2 thoughts on “Lame duck needs to become dead duck

  1. I would have to agree with you on the lame duck sessions. They need to be eliminated, with the current lame duck session being the perfect example of why.

    I sincerely hope you are wrong about the GOP, but I am afraid you may well be all too right.

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