Republicans are accountable now

It’s as if we just experienced a two-year long nap. Despite the 111th Congress going down in history as the worst ever, Obama and his gang on the hill consistently claimed that everything was the fault of Bush. Didn’t matter what they did, they were forced to do so in response to the previous administrations “failed policies”. So now we are a second session of Congress removed from the Bush-era with the 112th set to commence next month. Obama is halfway through his campaign. Some would say his “campaign” never ends, but that’s another story. So we have finally reached a point where both Obama and Congress can finally stop blaming Bush and take responsibility for their actions, right? Wrong!

Obama’s chief mouthpiece Robert Gibbs is out with the new strategy. He’s now making the rounds with what we likely be inundated with over the next two years. Here is the new mantra. “Republicans are accountable now”. Yes sir, after the Democrats were taken to the woodshed in the mid-terms because the public clearly saw two years of disaster, they are still sticking with the “not my fault” excuse making. Of course, we know that the Democrats still hold a majority in the Senate and hold the White House, not to mention the courts. So the GOP is still the little brother if you will. But that won’t stop Gibbs. But let’s be honest. If you had a track record like the Democrats have had for the last two years, would you promote it?

So I predict that this is the new buzzword statement the mainstream media will regurgitate endlessly. “Republicans are accountable now”. Get used to it. You’re going to hear it a ton. Here’s the link to it if you can stand to hear it.

7 thoughts on “Republicans are accountable now”

  1. Why am I not surprised to hear about this? Heaven forbid they actually take responsibility for their actions. I can’t wait to see how they spin this.

  2. I could never have the stomach to be a politician. Everything is about “how do we spin this?”. Just not allowed to tell it like it is.

  3. Typical liberal politics. Think about it, our very own Jennifer Granholm (Worst Governor in America) hasn’t stopped blaming her predecessor 7 years, 11 months and 26 days into her term.

    I’m sure she will still be blaming him on her way out the door of the Governors Mansion.

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