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Right Scoop has a piece out on Charles Krauthammer. Charles is trying to make the case for NOT defunding Obamacare. Now, the fact that Krauthammer is a neo-con is nothing new. Remember, he was in the camp taking a hard-line against Christine O’Donnell because she was not an establishment candidate. Didn’t matter what her message was, she hadn’t paid her dues by coming up through the ranks.

Krauthammer is missing a most basic premise with his take on Obamacare. He believes that defunding will provide Obama cover and give him an excuse for when it fails. He thinks it is better to simply let it go for a few years and fail on its own. Only one problem with his logic. He is assuming that the GOP will still own the House down the road. That would be the only way they could defund it. I would never make that assumption. The GOP is now on record as making it job one to repeal Obamacare. If they took his advice and simply let it ride the next couple of years, than the tea party will simply eat their lunch in the next election.

I wanted to just weigh in on the “illegal immigrant” terminology debate. The media are under fire to stop using the term as it is considered offensive to Latinos. I must say I agree. Not that it’s offensive, but that we should stop using it. It’s an oxymoron. You shouldn’t be “illegal” and an “immigrant” at the same time. The Latinos don’t want any mischaracterizations coming from mis-using the term. So let’s give them their wish. From now on “illegal immigrants” are simply called “border felons”. When you cross our border illegally, it’s a federal offense. You haven’t immigrated. You aren’t an “undocumented worker”. You may not even be here to work illegally. No, you are simply a “border felon”. Good, glad to have that settled.

I’ve posted previously on why we really still fighting in Afghanistan. One of the main reasons is access to rare earth minerals. Fox News has a piece today supporting that very opinion.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics is about to make a change in the accounting of long-term unemployed persons. Currently, they only count you until you are unemployed for two years before you drop off the rolls. Now they want to go out to five years. On the surface, this may sound good. The unemployment rate will rise making it look bad for Obama. Yes and no. The official unemployment rate will not change. The difference will be in the alternative measures. The U-6 number is the one that counts everybody including unemployed, underemployed and long-term unemployed. This number will dramatically jump. But let’s keep in mind why this is being done. To grease the skids for extending the long-term unemployed more benefits. I also posted previously on this when I coined them the “155’ers“. Let’s just wait and see if that does indeed come to fruition.

I’ve also weighed in many times on earmarking. Now that the public has been duped and jumped on the bandwagon to eliminate earmarks and thus reduce transparency, politicians are doing exactly as was predicted and finding unaccountable ways around the earmarking rules. Be careful what you wish for.

Finally, I just had to weigh in on Michael Vick. Obama is praising Philadelphia Eagle owner Jeffrey Lurie for giving Vick a second chance.Please! Two things to remember here. The only reason Obama is even involved is because Lurie is very publicly utilizing “green” technologies in his football stadium. We all know that Obama comes through when it comes to repaying his contributors, so Lurie is simply getting the good PR for supporting the Obama green agenda. The second thing is that Lurie is a businessman. He picked up Vick because the price was right. He also knew he could still play at a high level and put fannies in the seats. This is just about Lurie making money, not some humanitarian effort.

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  1. I like your idea of calling people who cross our borders illegally border felons. That suits them perfectly and we should call them what they really are.

  2. Hey, Vick is a great talent on the football field without a doubt. But he did what he did and paid a price. For some, it wasn’t nearly high enough. Why the POTUS would even venture anywhere near such a divisive figure just shows the price they will pay to ram through their “green” agenda.

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