The state of Michigan has been through a decade of depression that is just stunning. The census results have allowed a thorough breakdown of just how extensive the problems are. The Center for Michigan is a think-tank that has completed a study examining the census results. You can go here and read the entire study. Here are the lowlights.

  • Michigan was the only state in the nation to lose population, declining 54,800.
  • Michigan lost another Congressional seat, dropping to 14. We had 19 in 1970.
  • The birth rate decreased 11%.
  • The number of deaths increased 1.5%.
  • Michigan lost 537,431 residents through outward migration to other states.
  • The number of employed fell over 760,000.
  • The number of unemployed increased 460,000. The difference reflects the loss of population.
  • Manufacturing jobs fell 48% from 900,000 to 463,000. It is currently still only 470,000.
  • Michigan’s college graduation rate was 24.9%, only good for 37th in the nation.
  • The per capita personal income ranking puts Michigan at only 86.6% of the national average.
  • Median household income fell 21.3% meaning every single Michigan household lost over $12,000 in buying power.

Finally, here is a shocking number. The number of residents receiving food assistance payments went from 236,412 in 2000 to 1,884,751! That’s an increase 7 times over! In one decade!

Does anyone still need more proof that the policies of the democrats are unequivocal failures?


7 thoughts on “Stunning census results illustrate Michigan’s decline

  1. Progressive policies lead to destruction of the free market system, family, and liberties. Michigan for far too long has been under this progressive spell. My hope is they have finally seen the light. These numbers are simply shocking.

  2. The facts just don’t like, but as I mentioned in my comment on your previous post, the left refuses to see what is right in front of them.

  3. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s just the hard left as it’s those middle of the road centrists, or independents, or whatever they want to call themselves, that keep voting them in.

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