State of the Union rebuttal

Yes, yes, I know the POTUS hasn’t even given the speech yet. So how can I give a realistic rebuttal to what hasn’t been said yet? Perhaps it could be transparency. Yes, it really does exist in Washington. It exists in the realm of predictability. We already know what he’s going to say before he says it because he has been very effective in laying out his agenda for years. At least for those who were willing to really listen to what he has said rather than swooning over the aura.

This is not difficult, so I’ll keep it short and sweet. Much of the sparring from the pundits will be over what Obama really means when he says certain things. Investment really means more spending, that type of thing. When you look at the scope of what will be proposed, you will quickly see it is like trying to put out a forest fire with a garden hose. Not enough, too late and misguided.

The very crux of the issue is the inability of our politicians to separate sound fiscal policies from personal gain. They enact policy based on an agenda that doesn’t coincide with the success of our country. They reward special interests and lobbyists in return for the personal perks they have been extended. They reward power brokers from the business world in return for their support at election time. The simple fact is they exist to get re-elected and the power trip is irresistible. As long as our publicly elected officials continue to have a structure in place that encourages this type of scenario, it won’t stop.

The Fed is sending us down the road to oblivion. They target inflation as a long-term goal. They formulate policy to attain full employment. Quantitative easing, or printing money, is a Pandora’s box. They cannot stop it now. The era of easy credit is inflating the largest bubble ever created. We see offshoots now and then rear up and give us a glimpse of the troubles to come such as the housing bubble. They tried to turn off the spigot and immediately the economy slowed so they announced QE2. You simply can’t continue with near zero interest rates and artificial credit injections without repercussions. The minute you try to raise rates and make purchasing our bond debt more appealing, you slow other markets dependent on those low rates. It’s the same as the entitlement mentality issues we face as citizens. You get accustomed to it and when it’s taken away, you immediately cry foul.

Spending freezes are simply token efforts. We aren’t in a position in which slowing or even stopping the bleeding is enough. We need drastic, intensive measures to reverse where were headed. Yes, this WILL make things WORSE in the interim. That is a must. We can’t get to where we need to be by easing into it. Generally, this is because of what I delved into above. That is our system is skewed. We simply don’t have the ability to implement the type of long-term fiscally responsible policies required to enable true growth of our economy. Growth absent stimulus and artificial props. We need the expansion of wealth to grow the economy. But our system of rewarding politicians won’t allow them to leave the system alone and let it work. There is too much money to be made personally along with the lure of power.

So, my rebuttal is this. It doesn’t really matter what Obama spews forth tonight. I know his ideology and his goals. They directly conflict with America and its reason for being. His agenda cannot co-exist with America. I’ll continue to explore the relevant topics in the future that we as a nation must embrace if we wish to save our country. Make no mistake, we haven’t been doing it. Most aren’t even aware of what they are. God help us all.

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  1. I think I can safely say in retrospect, you are right. President Obama did a good job with his speech, but it was still the same old song and dance of spend, spend, spend.

  2. Well said. I agree with you assessment 100 percent. It’s time to pull our heads out of the sand and stand up tall and tackle these issues. No more running away from them.

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