Census Bureau tracking illegal aliens

I came across an interesting post concerning our friends from the south, the illegal aliens, err I mean undocumented workers, err I mean displaced foreign travelers. Yeah , that’s what they are. Whatever they are, there is a whole lot of them and this blogger crunched a few numbers of census data to see just how many are coming here and how much wealth is being taken out of the country. Check it out. He calls it America’s Black Economy.


U.S. headed for war in the Middle East

The stars are lined up. The question is, can you think of any reason why we won’t soon be at war in the Middle East? President Obama has obviously changed tactics in the last week and is putting out the pre-emptive feelers. First he declared that the violence must stop and he dispatched Hillary Clinton to Geneva. Then White House spokesman Jay Carney stated that no options were off the table. Then Obama himself came out and made the statement that the Libyan leader needs to leave right now. All of this occurred after Obama had remained silent for weeks.

Yesterday, Iraq’s largest oil refinery at Baiji was blown up. The protests have now started to spread to Saudi Arabia. The old reliable “weapons of mass destruction” has reared its ugly head as well. Gadhafi is now said to possibly have chemical weapons that  he may use on his own people. Can’t these people come up with anything original? Now we have the obligatory sanctions talk which will be followed by further U.N. involvement. Obama is not just going to jump right to the airstrikes without taking the necessary steps to show we were left with no alternative.

What is known for sure is that the uprisings are spreading like wildfire across the region. The Saudi King tried to bribe his people with an instant “stimulus” package, but they don’t seem to be buying. We don’t know if all of these events are coordinated and pre-planned, although the possibility exists. The Sinai gas pipeline from Egypt to Israel and Jordan was blown up earlier this month. It’s simply too late to put the genie back in the bottle now and more of the same is a certainty.

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Is it poor energy policy or is it by design?

There is a very disturbing misconception in America today. Far too many people believe that the “green” agenda has been paused with the results of the mid-terms. It’s true that any cap-and-trade legislation won’t happen in the next two years. However, the progressive movement was never so short-sighted as to put all their eggs in one basket. Instead, they utilize a multi-faceted approach. Their stated goal is to increase our energy costs at any cost. Here it is again from the mouth of Obama.

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Obama declares the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional

Our lawless POTUS has done it once again. He has taken it upon himself to declare that he won’t allow his Justice Dept. to enforce one of our nations law, much like he does with illegal aliens. The Defense of Marriage Act passed under the Clinton administration has been a very controversial one, particularly with the same-sex marriage crowd. Obama has decided that he is above the lawmakers of our nation and taken it upon himself to declare the law unconstitutional and he won’t enforce it.

This is beyond outrageous. However, not at all unexpected as Obama has exhibited a track record for molding the nation’s laws toward his agenda. This issue has nothing whatsoever to do with the same-sex marriage argument. This has to do with a sitting President by decree deciding which laws to enforce. Anyone that believes we are a nation of laws and the rule of law should be outraged. Obama would be well with-in his rights to declare his support for same-sex marriage if he so chooses. However, to use the power of his office to intentionally fail to enforce a law on the books is indefensible.

What he should do is work to get the law off the books. The proper way. Through the legislative process. But as we’ve seen with the Wisconsin labor standoff, the democrats won’t allow silly little things like laws to get in the way of advancing their agenda.

The union fight is about dues, just follow the money

There seems to be consensus on one point concerning the Wisconsin public-sector union debate. That is that nobody can agree what the major sticking point is. The initial claim was that the union refused to accept concessions requiring the rank and file members to contribute to their own pensions and health care in order to assist the State of Wisconsin balance its budget. They have since agreed to this. Now we are hearing it’s about the right to collectively bargain. First responders would not be affected, however the remainder would only be able to bargain for wages and not benefits. You can read the bill here to see for yourself.

I think there is a bigger issue at play here. One that will have a greater effect on union leadership than the members themselves. That is the opt-out clause. Governor Walker has included the option for people to stop contributing dues to the union, yet remain a member. This explains why the state legislators are going to the mat on this one. This explains why Obama has inserted himself in the center of the debate. As always, follow the money. Union dues are how union leaders get to live their lavish lifestyles filled with perks. Even more importantly, it’s a major source of money used for political campaigns in order to get democrats re-elected.

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Public-sector unions are on the road to self-destruction

What would you think of a salary of $53,995.00? Could you get by on that? What would you think if that were just your salary increase over the last decade? Sounding better all the time, isn’t it? That is, in fact, the amount of annual salary increase the teachers in the West Bloomfield, Michigan school district received on average over the last decade. In 1999-2000, their average salary was $31,881. In 2010-2011, it has jumped to $85,836. That’s nearly a 170% increase! And that’s just salary. Their total compensation went from $47,346 to $129,637 over that same period, roughly a 173% increase.

There are about 100 teachers at the high school. On Feb. 15th, about 40% of them decided to participate in a “sick-out” during contract negotiations. This is just another example of the Wisconsin style tactics teachers unions across the country are imposing in an effort to hold school boards hostage. The tactics are disgraceful and unethical as well as illegal. They will surely backfire.

It seems every endorsement handed out by Obama results in a loss. The left in general is trying to make a stand. The rhetoric doesn’t change. Make the rich pay more, assaulting families, etc., the same tired old song. Problem is they’re trying to sell to the wrong audience. The people who are unemployed, who are losing their homes, who are under-employed and just trying to get by don’t have any interest in the sob story. I’m one of them. My salary is down 30% in the last decade. Of course, I work in the private sector and am not subsidized by the taxpayer. My benefit contributions coming out of my paycheck exceed my mortgage payment.

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