Legalities, disclaimers, exemptions, apologies, civility, political correctness

The crack legal team over here at Spellchek, which BTW is the firm of Me, Myself and I, informs me that from time to time it’s wise do a preemptive strike and protect myself and my empire from lawsuits. So here goes.

This blog is one mans opinion. I may at times say something that offends you. I may offend you with everything I say. I may be politically incorrect. I may just simply be incorrect. I may fail at civility, although I just successfully completed my civility remedial retraining Manchurian style reprogramming course. I may express views you don’t agree with. I may not care if you don’t agree with my views. I may come across as elitist and snobbish and know-it-allish. I may even admit to the fact that I know it all. I may even inform you that my Dad could kick your Dad’s ass. And he’s dead.

I may shamelessly rip off others content from various corners of the web. I may neglect to thank you properly for linking to me. I may seem biased. I may come off as cynical and negative. I may seem greedy, such as when certain people wish to confiscate my wealth. I may seem cruel and intolerant when I point out the woes of others. I may even sin from time to time, but I figure the big guy made me imperfect so he can’t hold that against me.

So, in light of all the things I say and do wrong, I offer up this heartfelt apology that any liberal could love – I’m sorry. There, doesn’t that make it all better?

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