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Obama zombies

This video remains one of the creepiest to ever hit You Tube.


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8 responses to “Obama zombies”

  1. Just a bunch of rubes self-identifying as such. Calling them ‘tards would be an insult to the mentally challenged.

    I mean, can you imagine a bunch of conservatives making a video that featured a “Rand Paul” or “Sarah Palin” chant or something?

  2. Wow… This just makes me want to vomit!
    To listen to these idiots blather on with their idolization of a demagogue is sickening!
    In fact… I’ll be right back…
    …. yep, I knew that was coming! The only consolation for me is that their words are right there on video and I really hope that one day they’ll have to listen to what they said out loud about him and finally have to compare it to the reality.

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