The Paul father/son duo are in the news this week. Ron Paul will finally drag the Fed in front of his sub-committee this Wednesday at 10:00am specifically to start grilling them on job creation and the unemployment rate. Here is the press release covering it. I have high hopes like so many others, but I’ll wait and reserve judgment until we see if anything comes out of it other than just unanswered questions.

Rand Paul, Senator from Kentucky penned an op-ed for the WSJ that delves into his proposal to cut $500 billion from the federal budget THIS year. It’s the biggest number out there and I think where we should be starting the baseline negotiations. You can read it here.

Joseph Farah of World Net Daily has also been a big proponent of slamming the brakes on the spending right now through denying the debt limit increase the big spenders in D.C. need to have to feed their addiction. He also has a petition drive underway if your interested. Read the details here.

The events transpiring in Egypt are no doubt extremely important to us, but we can’t lose sight of the biggest fight we have going right here at home and that’s getting our financial house back on track. The Super Bowl was a nice diversion despite the multitude of glitches surrounding it, but we must bang the drums louder and louder as the GOP leadership in the House has not yet got the message.

For all the talk of Obama moving to the center, today we have more proof that’s not the case. He was in front of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce with the same old rhetoric. His health care reform law is great despite overwhelming dislike of it by the American public. His financial reform bill is great despite ever more burdensome regulations and the reward system for the big banks strengthened even more. And of course he wants corporations to share in the profits and invest their money sitting on the sidelines. There’s only reason that isn’t happening and that’s the policies of the Obama administration. Again he tries to make the connection between corporate taxes and corporate profits. It doesn’t fly. Corporate taxes are paid by the consumers they are passed on too. Reducing the corporate tax rate will absolutely result in a tax cut for all consumers accordingly. Corporate greed is a separate issue not defined by the tax rate.

So we have some people saying the right things like the Paul’s. But we also have others still out to lunch like Boehner and Obama. This battle is endless and we must all keep in mind that it is ultimately for our liberty that we have to continually persevere to keep Washington in check. You just can’t give ’em an inch…


6 thoughts on “Ron and Rand get it, Barry and John are still lost

  1. I loved his absurd claim that regulation creates competition and innovation. He lies with such a straight face, I don’t know how he sleeps at night.

  2. I bet he sleeps like a baby. When you’re that lost in your ideology, you can justify everything in your own mind. If only we could see a full psych make-up of him, I’ll bet we’d find he is so convinced himself, he probably doesn’t even see it as lies.

  3. Today his comments validates his Marxist ideology. My question is when are the American people going to wake up or has everyone that is going to wake up already up. If that is the case then I’m deeply concerned.

  4. Those who are looking find these validations often, but for those who don’t want to see it, it wouldn’t matter if he came right out and said it.

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