H/T to Hot Air. Maybe this turns out to be fake, who knows. But it sure is well done if it is. Maybe it took him 10,000 takes to make all the shots, but regardless, it’s cool to watch.


2 thoughts on “Johnny Mac – instant legend

  1. I came across this on Yahoo today as well. This is total awesomeness! Like you, I don’t care how many takes it actually required, this is incredible stuff! Being from CT originally, I felt a special sense of pride even though he is a third-stringer on a Big East football team that is not exactly… uh, how should I put it… a contender. Great catch and I sure do enjoy getting the occasional sports stuff in my WordPress subscriptions updates list.

  2. Thanks Eric. Hopefully we’ll get some more background in time just to see how they really did it. Heck, I can’t even throw a tight spiral, let alone hit plastic cups from 40 yards!

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