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Recall the AWOL Wisconsin State Senators

Wisconsin is one of 18 states that have provisions in place for statewide recalls of elected officials. It requires signatures from 25% of the votes cast in the last election. The 14 Democrat Senators need to be held accountable for their actions today. Certainly its childish and any number of other things that come to mind. What’s fascinating is the stupidity of the electorate. The union protestors are certainly with-in their rights to object to the pending legislation they disagree with. I fully support them in marching and assembling at the State Capitol to voice their opinions. More power to them.

But to support the actions of the State Senators is foolishness. They are their elected officials put in place to represent their constituents. They have abdicated their responsibilities to the people of Wisconsin. They need to be held to account. This is spitting on the democratic process and should not be tolerated. All 14 should be recalled for evading their responsibilities. The people who support this action don’t realize the implications. What happens the next time when they may be on the other side of an issue? Will they still support them playing hide and seek?

This type of thing should have people across the country up in arms. If we start allowing this, we have no democratic process. Of course, our President was quick to come out and support the unions for their position. Where is he on the illegal actions of the State Senators? Not a peep. Maybe it’s Wisconsin today, but it might be your backyard tomorrow.


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23 responses to “Recall the AWOL Wisconsin State Senators”

  1. How are the union protestors “certainly with-in their rights”? They have a right to congregate and protest, but they do not have a right to lie about being sick, ditch their jobs and stiff the taxpayers of Wisconsin. By illegally calling in sick on work days these irresponsible teachers are forcing parents throughout the state to scramble to arrange care for their children, who should be in school, because these parents are actually showing up for work (and paying double for their health care and retirement compared to the teachers).

  2. I was in Columbus yesterday to support a similar bill in Ohio. The process isn’t as far down the line, but I don’t think the level of heat will reach the same level here.

    You’re right that the precedent is frightening. I fear that it is a portent of things to come.

  3. You are making the assumption that I support their “sick-out” simply because I didn’t condemn it. Nothing could be further from the truth. Again, I merely said they were with-in their rights to object to pending legislation they disagree with. I wouldn’t read anything more into it than that.

  4. I certainly don’t have any read on the status of other potential “hotbed” states, but I can easily see this going viral. People are sick and tired of the arrogance.

  5. I totally agree. These representatives were elected to represent their constituents and they have abdicated their responsibilities. They should all be recalled. They do not have the luxury of being a community activist. They are servants to the people and the people’s work is not in Illinois. Great post 5etester!

  6. Thanks John. Another issue that people should be just up in arms about. No different than our current national budget issue in which the left purposely evaded voting on a budget last year so they wouldn’t have to stand on their record for the mid-terms. The left and right just play politics as usual while we the people continue to allow it.

    They are doing everything in their power to ensure a prosperous and fair Wisconsin. Exactly what they were elected to do.
    The least productive dollars in today’s economy is in the hands of the wealthiest individuals. If Walker suceeds, he will damage the State’s economy and concentrate wealth even further all at the expense of the middle and working classes.
    Walker’s actions are infantile and a disgrace to the State.
    The Tea Party is a tool of special interest groups

  8. You couldn’t be more wrong. Hiding from their responsibilities to their constituents? Talk about a disgrace. Teachers lying about being sick and receiving a taxpayer provided paycheck to protest against those same taxpayers. The teacher’s union collects dues in order to lobby and payoff legislators.

    Every teacher who called in sick to protest should be fired. Every State Senator should be brought up on charges and recalled. The teachers union and the Democratic State Senators have made a mockery of the democratic process and the rule of law.

    Guys like you will never get it. It’s amazing that you liberals have such low self-esteem and a lack of pride that you believe you are owed a free ride through life on the backs of others. You spend all your time scheming ways in which you can confiscate wealth from others. No self-accountability. No responsibility for yourself. You don’t represent America.

  9. I really do not understand had the Democratic Senators can justify their actions. Can you imagine the uproar that would have taken place in Washington, had the Republicans pulled the same stunt and went into hiding during the time when the health care bill was being debated?

  10. They know they can’t justify it. But just look at the signs, at the commenters who support them, at the actions of their leadership. Justification never enters the equation.

  11. You call these people lazy, just like the Republicans want you to believe. They villiainized these people so they could sneak in things on the budget bill, that would frankly shock this nation to to it’s very core. Read the bill.

  12. They had no choice, they were looking out for the best interests of the people of WI. Teachers are not villains, like the Republican’ts would like you to believe. These people teach your children for goodness sake.

  13. There is justification. They knew, or thought that it would give time for the Unions to negotiate. You are crying about teacher’s salaries, and yet you don’t balk at the Koch brothers buying your power plants at any cost the Governor deems reasonable? Teachers are not villains. They don’t live a cushy life. They have to go to college, earn a degree, and then keep educating themselves. My daughter in law is a teacher. Her day begins at 7:00 am, and doesn’t end until she is done grading papers. After her own children go to bed. For extra money, she teaches summer school, that is just to help pay off student loans,and make ends meet.

  14. They did when they filibustered everything. I am neither a Democrat, nor a Republican’t, but I can tell you honestly which party has your best interests in mind. It isn’t the John Boehner group, or Scott Walker.

  15. NO !! Recall the Republican Senators who believe they can do whatever they want, and don’t have to listen to the people who elected them.

  16. Where exactly did you quote me as “crying about teacher’s salaries”? Well, of course you didn’t because I never said it. What I did point out is the fact that right or wrong, the state of the economy and the budget will dictate a solution to the issue. Doesn’t matter if it’s teacher’s or any other public-sector employees, union or not, cutting wages and benefits to balance the budget is going to result in those affected crying foul. It’s not a matter of justification. Everybody thinks their job is important. Everybody wants to be compensated fairly. Whether it’s an unskilled position or requires a doctorate, every person wants to be viewed as necessary. Balancing the budget and accounting for long-term financial obligations is never “fair” or “justified”.

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