Is it poor energy policy or is it by design?

There is a very disturbing misconception in America today. Far too many people believe that the “green” agenda has been paused with the results of the mid-terms. It’s true that any cap-and-trade legislation won’t happen in the next two years. However, the progressive movement was never so short-sighted as to put all their eggs in one basket. Instead, they utilize a multi-faceted approach. Their stated goal is to increase our energy costs at any cost. Here it is again from the mouth of Obama.

Obama is a believer that forcing people to change their energy usage habits requires prohibitively high costs. We simply won’t voluntarily convert over to green energy methods without provocation. He was unable to secure it legislatively despite having control of both houses of Congress. As an alternative, he is now working through the administrative agency he has direct control over, the EPA. However, there is a fly in the ointment here. The House of Representatives controls the purse strings. Now led by the GOP, the House can defund the EPA, even effectively eliminate it if they choose to.

Let’s face it, green energy is a huge centerpiece of the progressive ideology and the liberal agenda. It would affect every single American and be the most expensive policy ever implemented, even far surpassing health care reform. Controlling energy and the cost structure gives the government virtually unlimited power over both citizens and industry. They could dictate which industries survive and which die. The money-making potential is almost unimaginable for those in control. 

So it’s easy to see what Obama’s position is and why. Now let’s look at what is happening and why Obama is encouraging the chaos that is occurring across the globe. I wrote a post a while back about chaos. Order out of chaos. Directly from the Alinsky playbook. Obama studied it and accepted it and is now implementing it. It’s a simple philosophy. Create conditions of chaos purposely and then swoop in during the confusion and rewrite the rule book to suit your own purposes as the knight in shining armor there to save the day.

Those who promote this philosophy have the President’s ear on a daily basis. The President’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board, or PERAB, is a 17 member advisory group littered with industry lobbyists and special interests that have been guiding the administration’s policy decisions regarding “green” energy. In exchange for their millions of dollars in campaign contributions to the democrat party, they are able to directly shape federal policy resulting in tax breaks, credits and other subsidies for “green” technology industries. People such as John Doerr, a Silicon Valley venture capitalist, former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker, GE’s Jeffrey Immelt, Caterpillar’s James Owens, Hyatt family scion Penny Pritzker, UBS’s Robert Wolf and private equity investor Mark Gallogly  have a large say in our energy policy direction.

It was Doerr who came up with the idea of Home Star which focuses on home improvements such as weather-stripping and insulating to provide tax credits to consumers. That’s the important concept to keep in mind with anything “green” related. It is all about business investment and the investors who make money on those investments. The hoax of global warming and the myth that human generated carbon emissions are adversely affecting the atmosphere to any significant degree are the bedrocks to the foundation that must be sold to the public. Call the movement extremist if you will, but don’t call them idiots. This is all about making money and they know the American public are ignorant enough to do the dirty work for them.

It’s no different than the myth of peak oil. Like the hoax of global warming, the oil industry must sell this idea to control prices through global supply. I believe oil is abiotic. Naturally occurring and naturally replenishing over time. That’s why so many wells thought to gone dry years ago suddenly come back to life one day. But the dinosaur theory is a lot “sexier” and fits the agenda.

The U.S. is a virtual treasure trove of raw materials that could supply our country free of foreign dependency as far as the eye can see. Again, controlling supply is the key to price controls and guaranteed investor returns. We have nearly half a trillion acres of the U.S. off-limits to mineral exploration and mining. We currently mine approximately .2% of the 2.27 billion acres of land available in the United States. Agriculture comprises nearly a billion acres, cities, towns and highways occupy nearly 110 million acres, 50 million acres are water bodies. Nearly 700 million acres are Federal lands that are, or could be, available for mining. The 6 million we now mine is just a drop in the bucket.

Government policy is the key driver of energy prices. Supply and demand may seem to dictate price on the surface, but it’s government policy that largely determines supply. We have the technology, the availability of natural resources and the companies with the investment capital on the sidelines ready to go. We’re talking about millions of new, relatively high paying jobs virtually at the flick of a switch. That switch being a radical change in our nation’s energy policy.

If I sound conspiratorial, it’s because I fully intend to. Control of fossil fuels and rare earth minerals and other raw materials and natural resources including food and water are the key to controlling the global economy. When you look at the problems we face around the world today, you can easily see they are all caused by manipulation of all of the above. Our history of depressions, recessions, boom-times, you name it. It’s all been due to controlling the money supply and natural resources. Administrations come and go. Dictators are toppled and regimes change hands. It doesn’t matter. Religion and land may be the primary causes of war throughout history, but when it comes to the economy, it always comes down to who is making the money.

Today, we are told we must move away from our reliance on fossil fuels, that this the key to reducing our foreign dependence on energy. So what is the solution they propose? Switching over to “green” technologies. We know about the shortfalls concerning solar and wind power. The sun must be shining or the wind blowing or no power is being generated. To compensate, a reliable back-up source of power must be maintained at all times. The catch is that the back-up source is almost always derived from fossil fuels thus defeating the purpose of going “green”.

There are other, more exotic technologies under development as well. The obvious drawback is cost. The not so obvious drawbacks to nearly all of these alternative technologies is that at least some section of the power grid requires rare earth materials. Who controls over 95% of the market for rare earth materials? China does. Not because we don’t have them here at home, but because we refuse to mine for them due to our national energy policy. That’s why I wrote a post about why Afghanistan is so strategically important for us and thus the war drags on.

So we want to switch from our fossil fuel energy supply that is so heavily dependent on foreign sources to alternative technologies that require rare earth minerals that will still make us heavily dependent on foreign sources. Who’s the idiot now? That would be us. You and me. All of the arguments being floated about are just diversions to keep the focus off the real problem. That is who is really controlling energy and who is making money off it. I hate to simplify the traits of humans to such simple lusts as power and money, but the evidence is overwhelming.

That’s why I get into trouble with my friends on the right. Blaming the left and the progressive movement is easy. But look back through history and you’ll find the right just as complicit in getting us where we are. Vulnerable to the few elite who are in control of our necessities. Removing Obama in 2012 is an obvious goal. But we need to really step back and look at the whole picture to see we need revolutionary style change to eradicate the establishment. Future wars will include food and water as well as energy sources. Not only are we looking in the wrong area for solutions, we really aren’t even asking the right questions yet. There is no fixing it without greatly increasing the education of the public as to what our problems really are and who is behind them.

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  1. Beautiful work. Because I am a “forest-from-the-trees” thinker, I see how pieces fit together. The last two paragraphs are a wonderful overview, and a broader view that more people should take a look at (swapping dependence on foreign oil for dependence on foreign rare earth metals, for example. Funding “green” energy with foreign debt is another.)

    There are so many conflicts in Obama’s energy “policies” that I have concluded that either he is nowhere near as intelligent as he is eloquent, or tere is indeed a conspiracy going on.

    For example, he wants Americans to drive electric cars, but wants the fuel costs to skyrocket. He wants “renewable” energy but we continue to reduce the amount of the only economically viable form of energy we have – hydroelectric. He wants to stimulate “aggregate demand” in the economy – the theory behind the “stimulus” bill, but inflation (whether through monetary or regulatory policies) decreases demand by lowering discretionary household spending. He wants jobs, but he opposes natural gas, and the shale gas industry has been a rare bright spot of job growth.

    The list goes on, but i want to point out that there are some greenies who prefer a carbon tax to cap-and-trade, but the administration is opposed, and has muzzled anyone who tries to mention it. Why? In my opinion is that the end game is to implement a complex, politically-charged, complicated regulatory scheme in place. It’s not about the carbon.

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