U.S. headed for war in the Middle East

The stars are lined up. The question is, can you think of any reason why we won’t soon be at war in the Middle East? President Obama has obviously changed tactics in the last week and is putting out the pre-emptive feelers. First he declared that the violence must stop and he dispatched Hillary Clinton to Geneva. Then White House spokesman Jay Carney stated that no options were off the table. Then Obama himself came out and made the statement that the Libyan leader needs to leave right now. All of this occurred after Obama had remained silent for weeks.

Yesterday, Iraq’s largest oil refinery at Baiji was blown up. The protests have now started to spread to Saudi Arabia. The old reliable “weapons of mass destruction” has reared its ugly head as well. Gadhafi is now said to possibly have chemical weapons that  he may use on his own people. Can’t these people come up with anything original? Now we have the obligatory sanctions talk which will be followed by further U.N. involvement. Obama is not just going to jump right to the airstrikes without taking the necessary steps to show we were left with no alternative.

What is known for sure is that the uprisings are spreading like wildfire across the region. The Saudi King tried to bribe his people with an instant “stimulus” package, but they don’t seem to be buying. We don’t know if all of these events are coordinated and pre-planned, although the possibility exists. The Sinai gas pipeline from Egypt to Israel and Jordan was blown up earlier this month. It’s simply too late to put the genie back in the bottle now and more of the same is a certainty.

The basis the U.S. will use for involvement is obvious. Oil supply disruption leading to the coming price shocks ( we’ve only just begun on the high prices ), the threat to the public from the dictators being ousted, and the reason we really haven’t started to discuss yet. Obama needs the “war stimulus” to help in his 2012 re-election campaign since his domestic policies are a complete failure. Yes sir, the unthinkable. Getting our country into yet another military conflict. It’s the only tool left in his arsenal if he wishes to continue pursuing his agenda at home. Enacting the progressive agenda and rewarding his political cronies has to come at the expense of the economy.

He’s not a stupid man, right? A Harvard grad, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, a certified master of the TOTUS. This is the only option left to him and he knows it. Of course, he’ll be doing it on our behalf as he continues his relentless quest to save the middle class in America. Everything else is burning down around him. Inflation is booming despite the denials of Bernanke and the Fed. Ask anybody on the street and they’ll tell you they feel it.

Now, you won’t get that impression from the mainstream media. They are programmed with the “slow economic recovery in progress” story. You know, the stock market is doing great, GM is back to record profits, consumers just piled up some more massive credit at Christmas, some jobs are being created (even if it is a net negative), that kind of talk. Hey, it sells to the masses as they crave a little good news.

But behind the scenes, Obama does have people telling him the real state of affairs in our country. The challenge for him has been how to balance his agenda goals while getting re-elected. A war to reduce impossibly high gas prices will fill the bill nicely. It shouldn’t surprise anyone. How many wars have we been in for justifiable causes?

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  1. I’m glad you used the term “war stimulus.” That’s what i think was behind the 18-month Adghanistan surge. The time frame placed on the surge seemed to most to be strategically foolish, unless it was economic strategy.

  2. As Russell Kirk famously said, “a war for an oilcan.”

    War makes good politics. Why who would dare speak out against a wartime president? The left will go along hook, line and sinker. And the neocon right will find themselves in a political bind too. What are they going to do, denounce Obama for doing exactly what they themselves would do?

    Plus, like you already pointed out, war is great circus to keep the minds of the masses off the crumbling reality at home. All Hail Our New Progressive Overlords!

  3. “They Murder, We Build.” Says Netanyahu. I wonder if the esteemed prime minister has ever considered that if Israeli had destroyed the enemy’s capacity to wage war against civilians, that there would have been no murders? Every time Israel caved in to yet another insane demand from the U.N. For a cease-fire, the Arabs commit more murder and mayhem against Jews. Lest we forget, Hamas leaders were laughing at the Israeli government while they were calling the last big “ceasefire” a “victory for the Palestinian resistance”. According to The Jewish Press, the spokesperson for Hamas, Muhammad Abdul-Al issued a press release saying, “We are humiliating the Israelis. They kept threatening to make a huge operation in Gaza, but they were the ones who begged us to go into the ceasefire.” The terrorist further stated that because of the rocket attacks they went into the truce from a position of “force and power” and that Hamas viewed this agreement as an opportunity to regroup and bring more weapons in from the Sinai. Pusruing peace with murderers must be Israel’s secret weapon, because every time the Israeli government emmisary says “let’s do another cease-fire” another Arab dies laughing. http://soulfulthought.blogspot.com

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