Time is running out for the dependency nation

If you had to define a typical American today, what would you say? I’d say the “typical” American doesn’t exist any longer. There are now officially over 308 million of us. Just over half are female. About a quarter of us are under age 18. Nearly 13% are senior citizens. Less than 75% are caucasian. 22 million of us are veterans. We’ve also got roughly 11 million illegal aliens. About 2 million are incarcerated. 

Our workforce consists of nearly 140 million employed people. Almost 15 million are “officially” unemployed. Roughly 9 million work part-time because they can’t find full-time work. Over 18 million work part-time for non-economic reasons. That leaves the giant catch-all category of 85 million Americans that are “not in the labor force”. So, take the 85 million, add in the part-timers and the unemployed and you get 126 million Americans without a full-time job. That’s 53% of our working age population.

Why do I mention all of these statistics? To illustrate what has become painfully obvious with the current disputes across the country concerning unions. In virtually any category you wish to examine, the minority is supporting the majority. An ever decreasing percentage of our population is working full-time driving the economy. The top 1% of income earners pay nearly 40% of personal income tax revenues. People are living longer putting increased pressure on pension plans, health care costs and social security payouts. You can throw out all the statistics. It’s clear that less people do more, pay for more and are responsible for more. Unsustainable in anyone’s book.

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Recall the AWOL Wisconsin State Senators

Wisconsin is one of 18 states that have provisions in place for statewide recalls of elected officials. It requires signatures from 25% of the votes cast in the last election. The 14 Democrat Senators need to be held accountable for their actions today. Certainly its childish and any number of other things that come to mind. What’s fascinating is the stupidity of the electorate. The union protestors are certainly with-in their rights to object to the pending legislation they disagree with. I fully support them in marching and assembling at the State Capitol to voice their opinions. More power to them.

But to support the actions of the State Senators is foolishness. They are their elected officials put in place to represent their constituents. They have abdicated their responsibilities to the people of Wisconsin. They need to be held to account. This is spitting on the democratic process and should not be tolerated. All 14 should be recalled for evading their responsibilities. The people who support this action don’t realize the implications. What happens the next time when they may be on the other side of an issue? Will they still support them playing hide and seek?

This type of thing should have people across the country up in arms. If we start allowing this, we have no democratic process. Of course, our President was quick to come out and support the unions for their position. Where is he on the illegal actions of the State Senators? Not a peep. Maybe it’s Wisconsin today, but it might be your backyard tomorrow.

Could Tyche be our new ninth planet?

Scientists believe they have discovered a massive new planet in the far reaches of our solar system that is 4 times the size of Jupiter. Out with Pluto, in with Tyche. My first thought was how could anybody miss something this big with-in our own solar system. Turns out its orbit is 15,000 times further out than ours here on Earth. Way, way out in the Oort Cloud, the furthest area of the Milky Way. Read the story here.

A big ball of gas so far out we can’t even imagine it becoming our ninth planet usually only excites the astronomer geeks amongst us. What is interesting about this discovery is what has the “conspiracy” nuts going bonkers. Tyche (pronounced Ty-kee) is a Greek name for a long suspected companion star of our Sun. She was the good sister. Nemesis was the given to the bad brother that was thought to be responsible for mass extinctions here on earth.

What NASA doesn’t even touch on is the other theory that exists. Tyche is really the fabled “Planet X” or “Nibiru”. That’s right, the one that comes around every 3,600 years or so and rains havoc on our planet. A firestorm will rain down as it passes wiping out civilization. Theory goes this is how the dinosaurs went bye-bye. Another one even claims one of the passes long ago resulted in a direct hit that broke off part of the Earth and thus gave us our moon. As you can imagine, the net forums are burning up with talk of 2012 and the return of Planet X. It supposedly has an extremely elliptical orbit that takes it out to the Oort Cloud and at the other end right past Earth as it circles the Sun.

It’s a slightly different twist on the normal wacko theories out there. This one even has the scientists discussing its plausibility. Of course, they don’t buy into the Gods riding their chariots on “Planet X”, but they seem to be attempting to confirm the existence of what has only been rumored in conspiracy circles. It’s as if this one may satisfy both camps if they confirm it. Scientists have been seeking an explanation for comet tracks being altered as they pass through the Oort Cloud. The gravitational pull of a planet would do just that. Could “Nemesis” and “Nibiru” be one and the same?

If we also have a close encounter as it passes every 3,600 years, it would explain these sudden extinctions if we pass right through its debris tail accounting for the “raining firestorms” that wipe us out. It gives the 2012 doomsayers something else to talk about. Boy, good stuff! The real scientists and the nut jobs all get what they want! Is this just an ordinary run-of-the-mill celestial body made of gas orbiting around our Sun? Maybe. Is this the fabled “Planet X” or “Nibiru” on its return path about to give credence to the Mayan calendar 2012 crowd? Maybe. This kind of stuff will make the Y2K false alarm look like small potatoes. Should make for lots of interesting theories the next couple of years at any rate. Besides, Obama bashing gets a little tiresome when he seems to do something new everyday to destroy this country. It’s nice to have a little diversion from reality now and then.

A false premise leads to false promises and false solutions

The results are now crystal clear. President Obama has released his record-shattering behemoth of a budget for 2012 that plans for $3.73 trillion in government spending. That’s another $1.65 trillion in deficit spending in just one year added to the $14 trillion in debt we already have. As one would expect, the White House spin machine is already in high gear. We will be under assault with claims of jobs, jobs, jobs.

When you have people in charge that are delusional, it shouldn’t surprise when they get the basic premise wrong. When you do that, everything that follows must also be wrong. The fact is that the administration has done nothing but lose jobs for two years with its policies. Even in a month which claims to show a small increase of private sector jobs, it hasn’t been enough to keep up with the population growth of our country which requires approximately 150,000 new jobs each month. This is to account for the birth rate as well as the immigration rate. These must be new jobs, not phony claims of jobs saved.

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Forced justice

While we watch civil unrest around the world over such issues as unemployment and food prices, here in America we burn our food for fuel. The ethanol mandate introduced under the Bush administration and continued and expanded under Obama is a prime example of how fantastically irresponsible an out of control government hell-bent on forcing an agenda can be. I have been a believer in a previous blog I hosted that this mandate was a primary trigger of the recession that started in December of 2007. Bush began his push for the ethanol mandate in his 2006 State of the Union address. He expanded on it the following year and the mandate was born.

Via Health and Energy.com

Ethanol Fuel from Corn Faulted as ‘Unsustainable Subsidized Food Burning’

David Pimental, a leading Cornell University agricultural expert, has calculated that powering the average U.S. automobile for one year on ethanol (blended with gasoline) derived from corn would require 11 acres of farmland, the same space needed to grow a year’s supply of food for seven people. Adding up the energy costs of corn production and its conversion into ethanol, 131,000 BTUs are needed to make one gallon of ethanol. One gallon of ethanol has an energy value of only 77,000 BTUS. Thus, 70 percent more energy is required to produce ethanol than the energy that actually is in it. Every time you make one gallon of ethanol, there is a net energy loss of 54,000 BTUs.