February deficit spending is over $92,000 per second!

Just a quick note as the debate over the debt limit and the 2011 federal budget play out. The U.S. just set an all-time monthly budget DEFICIT for a single month of $223 billion. As the story points out, that’s more in one month than Bush racked up in his final full year in office. Again, that’s just the DEFICIT, not what we spent in total. Amazing!

For a little perspective, that’s over $5.5 million dollars in DEFICIT spending each and every minute last month. Over $92,000 dollars per second! Please tell me there isn’t any sane person left out there that doesn’t recognize that we need to immediately stop this insanity. No more debt limit raises. No paltry $6 or $61 billion cuts out of the budget. We can’t wait any longer and just play politics.


3 thoughts on “February deficit spending is over $92,000 per second!”

  1. When Obama released his document “The New Era of Responsibility” shortly after his inauguration, I quipped to a friend that irresponsibility would become the “new responsibility.” It’s no longer a quip; it’s a fact.

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