Democrat proposed budget cuts equate to less than 20 hours of deficit spending

My previous post pointed out that the deficit spending rang up by Obama in February exceeded $92,000 per second. As amazing as that is to comprehend, I thought I would look at it in yet another way.

Currently, the democrats and republicans are duking it out on Capitol Hill to see who can pass the most inconsequential budget cuts. For starters, this is incorrect nomenclature. There is nothing even approaching a budget cut being bandied about in Washington, rather it is simply reducing the amount of the federal budget deficit.

The GOP has proposed $61 billion in cuts for the remainder of the 2011 fiscal year ending on September 30th. An embarrassing attempt considering the mandate they received in the mid-term elections last November. However, not to be outdone, the democrats decided to make their proposed cuts virtually invisible at $6.5 billion.

To illustrate just how pathetic this number is, consider this. The $6.5 billion proposal doesn’t even equate to 20 hours of deficit spending based on the record February rate Obama just added to our debt. We still have over half the fiscal year remaining in 2011 and the best the left can come up with is pausing the sellout to China ownership for less than one day.

We now have over one-third of our income in this nation paid for by taxpayers. Yes, government handouts.  Yet, virtually no one in Washington is even seriously discussing getting our budget in order. Does this bother you? What are you going to do about it TODAY?

4 thoughts on “Democrat proposed budget cuts equate to less than 20 hours of deficit spending”

  1. On top of the non-existent spending cuts, we also have President Obama proposing another $90 million for the Department of Education. He is going in the opposite direction.

  2. You know, it’s really about making more and more people dependent upon government. Once enough are there, they will always vote for the dems, and never against getting off the gravy train.

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