Federal debt interest costs us over $13,672 per second!

The request is out to make this video viral, so I’ll do my part. BTW, I was sounding the alarm as well on the debt interest over 2 years ago on my previous blog. Here is a link to the Treasury to see the debt interest history for yourselves.

In fiscal year 2010, we spent nearly $414 billion dollars just on interest on the Federal debt. This year, we are on pace for over $431 billion. That’s over $13,672 PER SECOND!!! And it only gets worse and worse from here. China is now proposing to cut its foreign debt exposure by two-thirds. What does this mean? Currently they hold over $1.15 trillion in U.S. Treasury debt. It means the Fed will have to implement QE3 and step up its purchasing of our own debt even more than they already have. Which means more downward pressure on the dollar. Which means more upward pressure on inflation and the cost of goods. Such as oil. And the price of gas. And the price of food. Yes, more of the same.

Yet we still have a debate on increasing the debt limit to raise our debt interest payments even more? Can you say stupid begets stupid? Such as the dire warnings of Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner proclaiming the end of the world scenario if we don’t raise the debt limit? Won’t happen! The U.S. will NOT default on its debt without raising the debt limit. It simply means the government cannot continue to deficit spend this year. Yes, government programs will come to a screeching halt. The interest paid on the Federal debt will definitely not be one of them. Guaranteed. There is no way anybody in D.C. will let that happen because the results would be catastrophic if they did and they know it. Which is exactly why Geithner’s threats are hollow.

What it would do is force Congress to reprioritize their expenditures immediately. Just as state and local governments jump straight to laying off policemen and firefighters during a budget crunch to garner public sympathy towards restoring revenue levels (can you say tax increase?), the Feds will also jump straight to cutting high-profile programs that affect the people directly. Rocket science, it ain’t.

This will be the hurdle we face every time the debt limit debate comes up. We the people must demand austerity measures be enacted upon ourselves. As convoluted as that sounds, it’s true. Politicians on either side of the aisle (most, not all) have no interest whatsoever in stopping or reducing debt limits. It translates directly into smaller government. Smaller government means less power. Again, rocket science it ain’t.

Confessions of a risk taker

While skimming the news this past week, I ran across the story about the dangerous extreme sport of dodge ball. It made me take pause and wonder how on earth I have survived to this point. When you think back to all of the things we did as kids, it’s really quite an achievement. All the things we used to do before the days of government taking on its role of the great protector, I have to think back. From the beginning then…

I started out as any toddler does, I ate dirt. And crayons (the good old toxic kind). In fact, I had a propensity for the blue ones much to the chagrin of my mother who had to clean the saliva enhanced mess up afterwards. Of course, we can’t leave out the fecal matter that may have been left in the backyard from any number of family pets that I always seemed to locate.

Somehow, I survived those unfortunate instances. As my mobility progressed, I then moved on to sticking things in electrical outlets that didn’t belong there, attaching my tongue to frozen signposts, poking my finger into the eye socket of the family cat for no particular reason and escaping through the doggie door into the backyard at the most inopportune times.

Growing older yet, I moved on with drinking whiskey from my parent’s stash and replacing it with water thinking they wouldn’t notice, swallowing large amounts of gasoline while siphoning free gas from my neighbor’s vehicles and jumping the one-lane bridge on Angle Rd. at very high speeds without knowing if anyone was coming the other way.

Even after reaching adulthood, I continued to tempt fate with exploits such as removing mattress tags from mattresses that I didn’t own, changing my oil filter without a jackstand in place and utilizing the express checkout lane with more than 12 items in my cart.

Heck, just last week I was eating some cantaloupe with the kids and believe or not I added salt to it while surely exceeding my suggested daily intake.

These are just a few examples of ways in which I have thrown caution to the wind and somehow made it out alive. And make no mistake, I was clocked upside the head more than once while playing dodge ball.

Yet today, I am able to support myself without any form of government assistance. I can get by just fine without big brother watching my every move and otherwise saving me from myself.

In fact, I am able to celebrate this Easter Sunday commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ without any protection whatsoever from the PC police. So despite the highly publicized risks of being a Christian, holding Conservative political views and believing that the Constitution is still the law of the land, I think I’ve gotten by just fine without the government there to save me, thank you very much. Happy Easter!

A Constitutional crisis

In a recent post, I touched on what I believe to be our greatest threat we face today, that being our private property rights. As we continue to acquiesce them away progressively, we also are inversely limiting our ability to resist. Always under the guise of our best interests, our government has no need to forcibly take our rights away because we are more than willing to take the trade bait and surrender liberty in the name of security.

What is clear when you examine the issues of the day is a common denominator. We have a Constitutional crisis at hand. A bit dramatic you may say? I would say the issue isn’t even debatable. In fact, I would argue that we’ve even moved beyond that into a post-Constitutional period. The extremists at work today have learned to utilize a tact that doesn’t bring the Constitution into the center of the debate. This is by design. They don’t want us to be backed into a corner and have to decide one or the other. They have learned to shift the argument elsewhere. What this does is still get to their goal in an indirect manner by making the Constitution irrelevant. That is the backbone of the strategy employed by progressives everywhere.

Think about its brilliance. They can’t win when the debate is framed around the Constitution yes or no. Cloward-Piven would be an example. If you started with a clean slate and attempted to lay out a plan in which the public is dependent on its government for its very survival, you would never come right out and state your goals. They would be rejected out of hand. However, giving away taxpayer money through transfer payments not unlike a crack dealer handing out free samples on the street corner until their target customers are addicted is very stealthy.

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Michigan State Police using device that can extract all of your cellphone contents

The ACLU is engaged with an attempt to get the Michigan State Police to come clean on exactly how often and why they are utilizing a new technology that can actually extract everything off of your cellphone in 90 seconds during a routine traffic stop. Clearly, the 4th Amendment is being violated here. The device is made by CelleBrite.


Here is the link to the Channel 4 website that aired this story in Detroit.

Here is a link to CelleBrite and their UFED ( Universal Forensics Extraction Device ).

This is outrageous! Talk about Big Brother! If they stop you and ask to see your cellphone, refuse! They cannot do this without you willingly submitting your device.

Here is the 4th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers,
and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be
violated; and no Warrants shall issue but upon probable cause, supported
by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be
searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

You can go here to the government printing office and read much more about the history of the 4th Amendment.

America’s greatest threat

If you had to name one single thing as the greatest threat to our way of life in America, what would you say? Terrorism? The economy? Evil corporations? Big government? Our debt? The political party you don’t support? Maybe a natural disaster? How about an extinction level event such as a meteor collision? Well, there certainly isn’t much you can do about the latter so let’s stick to things we have some level of control over.

My vote goes to losing our private property rights. It is paramount to liberty and a bedrock of the Founders intent to guarantee freedom in America. It is under attack from a multitude of fronts. Some of it is likely unknowingly such as the response I’ve received on my post concerning corporate tax evasion. I see both conservatives and libertarians alike jumping in with the left with the view that the wealthy and the big corporations should pay more in taxes. This is a result of our deeply flawed system of taxation.

When you think of what is driving most of our elections and our differences in ideologies politically, it has its genesis in class warfare, envy and greed. Our two-party system only serves to magnify this as both parties push for big government. The fuel for their arguments is our wealth. You can throw out all of the window dressing as both parties have a different sales pitch, but they both have the same prize in mind. Both would also vehemently deny this accusation and place the blame at the feet of their opponents but the results don’t lie.

Think about how the personal wealth of Americans is dispersed around the globe. It is the greatest travesty we could ever allow to happen, and yet we enable it everyday. The ability to retain the fruits of your labors is critical to maintain your liberty. The value of the dollar and our corresponding buying power is constantly being eroded away. The biggest culprit is the Federal Reserve. They front a cartel that has succeeded in stealing our wealth in broad daylight with our support to boot.

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Our NIMBY budget is as toxic as the Fukushima nuclear fallout

We the sheeple have now had over 3 full days to start finding out “what’s in the bill” as Queen Nancy likes to say. Needless to say, buyer’s remorse is strong from both the left and right. All sides claimed victory with this “historic” legislation. Yet, it’s beyond indisputable that nobody won anything. Particularly not the American public. We have a NIMBY (not in my back yard) budget in which nobody wants cuts that affect them.

So we got $38.5 billion in supposed tax cuts for the remainder of the 2011FY budget ending on Sept. 30th. That’s just under 6 months, but for argument’s sake we’ll go ahead and count it as a full half a year. That’s slightly over $6 billion per month. Surely you’ve heard the left claim $78 billion from the Obama proposed budget levels, but that budget was never even introduced so that’s just more games and sleight of hand.

Boehner and his gang are now saying don’t sweat it, that was just a warm-up. They’re really going to get serious now with the debt limit and 2012 budget battles. He says the next budget fight will be over trillions in cuts, not billions. Yet we haggled for months and went right to the deadline of a government shutdown for $6 billion a month. We had threats of people dying in the streets, the GOP wanting women dead and the now infamous Cowboy Poets without a festival to honor them. Can you imagine the threats when you add three more zero’s to the conversation?

A little quick calculator math tells us that to even discuss a one trillion dollar reduction in the deficit for a single year of the budget will require over $83 billion per month. And that’s still not going to get us to a balanced budget for even one year. We need over $1.5 trillion just to get to even. That doesn’t even start to put a dent in reducing our $14 trillion dollar debt or the interest on it.

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Budget deal reached to avert government shutdown (maybe) – everyone loses

The government shutdown was averted. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. I, like many others, predicted Boehner would waffle and cave long ago. If he were a poker player, he’d lose his shirt. He showed his hand to Obama by going public with his assertion that the shutdown had to be avoided because it would be so detrimental. So Obama knew Boehner wouldn’t stick to his guns and we see the results.

Now, depending on your news source, this will be played as a victory by all sides. Obama wanted zero cuts. The democrats wanted $33 billion. The GOP wanted $61 billion. The Tea Party wanted the promised $100 billion. What did we get? No cuts at all, just $38.5 billion less deficit spending. But you’ll only hear political speak from the media declaring these as cuts. Sorry, but when you still run a $1.5 trillion dollar deficit, you didn’t cut a penny, you only reduced the additional debt load.

The GOP also caved on all of the riders that mattered. The only ones still attached of any significance will be shot down when the Senate votes next week. This is the political cover necessary for all sides to claim victory where there is none. You’ve been punk’d. Suckered.

Now the path is clear as to what lies ahead. More defeats on an even greater scale with the debt limit and 2012 budget battles upcoming. Clearly and indisputably, we are in for Washington per usual. No serious effort to control spending. Only posturing from both sides of the aisle to position themselves for the 2012 election.

The usual suspects will be out in force declaring victory for their sides. Huckabee was on Fox this morning declaring an impressive victory for Boehner. Huckabee believes in governing as in compromise. He thinks Boehner got the best deal he could get. He is used to having to deal with the majority on the other side and getting what he can to get things done. In normal times, I’ll give him that. These aren’t normal times. The financial and economic stress this nation faces is unprecedented. We’ve had prior run-ins with portions of our economic woes, but never had we had them all coming together at once as they are now. We can’t accept yeoman efforts and the best bi-partisan compromise deals we can generate.

That’s why people like Michele Bachman and Rand Paul were not at all satisfied with the deal. They understand the gravity of what is before us much clearer than so many others. They know that token efforts and gamesmanship like calling less deficit spending a cut will only lead to disaster.

BTW – remember that we only officially got another CR extension. This budget compromise is now being written and we now must go through a several day waiting process. Anything can still happen to derail it before it clears both Chambers and gets signed by the President. We’ll see if it survives until the end of next week in the form that was agreed to last night.

Federal government shutting down? Fear Friday is coming!

The federal government may shut down? Horror of horrors! What in the world will we do? According to the left, people will be keeling over and dying in the streets as if the Japanese tsunami were washing across America. While there are countless conflicting stories of what will really transpire when the government checkbook is taken away, I have it on good authority as to what you will see.

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