Federal government shutting down? Fear Friday is coming!

The federal government may shut down? Horror of horrors! What in the world will we do? According to the left, people will be keeling over and dying in the streets as if the Japanese tsunami were washing across America. While there are countless conflicting stories of what will really transpire when the government checkbook is taken away, I have it on good authority as to what you will see.

I can just see it now as the Clark Griswolds’ across America will go berserk when they’re turned away at the gates. This is a risky proposition for our big government proponents in Washington. If a shutdown really does happen and drags on for any length of consequence, we will all be exposed to just how much discretionary, non-essential spending occurs. That won’t bode well with the debt limit dilemma fast approaching. They need to sell it as if every federal program is a necessity and simply can’t even be trimmed back, let alone cut.

Gee, maybe they could gather up some of these Area 51 warning signs to post in front of all the Federal buildings that will be shuttered? I’m sure CNN already has a piece in the can showing the hugely disappointed children that can’t get into some Federal building or park.

Apparently, this photographer didn’t heed the no photography warning.

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