America’s greatest threat

If you had to name one single thing as the greatest threat to our way of life in America, what would you say? Terrorism? The economy? Evil corporations? Big government? Our debt? The political party you don’t support? Maybe a natural disaster? How about an extinction level event such as a meteor collision? Well, there certainly isn’t much you can do about the latter so let’s stick to things we have some level of control over.

My vote goes to losing our private property rights. It is paramount to liberty and a bedrock of the Founders intent to guarantee freedom in America. It is under attack from a multitude of fronts. Some of it is likely unknowingly such as the response I’ve received on my post concerning corporate tax evasion. I see both conservatives and libertarians alike jumping in with the left with the view that the wealthy and the big corporations should pay more in taxes. This is a result of our deeply flawed system of taxation.

When you think of what is driving most of our elections and our differences in ideologies politically, it has its genesis in class warfare, envy and greed. Our two-party system only serves to magnify this as both parties push for big government. The fuel for their arguments is our wealth. You can throw out all of the window dressing as both parties have a different sales pitch, but they both have the same prize in mind. Both would also vehemently deny this accusation and place the blame at the feet of their opponents but the results don’t lie.

Think about how the personal wealth of Americans is dispersed around the globe. It is the greatest travesty we could ever allow to happen, and yet we enable it everyday. The ability to retain the fruits of your labors is critical to maintain your liberty. The value of the dollar and our corresponding buying power is constantly being eroded away. The biggest culprit is the Federal Reserve. They front a cartel that has succeeded in stealing our wealth in broad daylight with our support to boot.

You sacrifice your private property rights in a variety of ways. A tax on your income is the most obvious. It’s been in place so long we no longer even question its validity. The corporate tax debate I mentioned earlier falls into this same category. I don’t wish to recite the entire tax debate here as that just isn’t practical for a blog posting. There are some alternatives out there such as the Fair Tax or the Flat Tax, but they would require the same villains that implemented our current system to police themselves and fix it. Not a recipe for success.

Why do we have a difference of opinion on corporate taxes? Because corporations take advantage, or sometimes even create, the loopholes that allow them to reduce or avoid paying them at all. I don’t support the Fair or Flat tax options for various reasons, but I do support parts of them. For example, the Fair Tax would completely eliminate the income tax and corporate tax. I absolutely support that. It strikes at the heart of this post. You should be able to keep all the fruits of your labors, including for profit businesses. This is where I part ways with many on the right who want those big corporations paying more taxes. Closing loopholes and leveling the playing field is a more than obvious goal. Allowing both individuals and businesses to keep all the profits they earn is a foreign concept to most Americans.

Yet, why should it be? Isn’t the consensus after the mid-terms that Americans are sick of spending and debt and expanding the size of government? Aren’t we tired of career politicians who exist merely to shift our tax dollars around not unlike a game of Monopoly? Are we not sick of the Federal Reserve absolutely robbing us with the banking cartel profiting? Do we not dislike corporations establishing overseas tax havens to shelter profits from the tax man? Don’t we dislike crony-capitalism? Don’t we dislike the black market that exists to avoid taxation? We don’t like pork barrel spending. We don’t like earmarks. We don’t like lobbyists. Do we see a pattern here?

This entire shell game is enabled by our tax system and the theft of our wealth. Wish to make it go away? Kill it at the source. Now some of you may be screaming at your monitor that I’m out of my mind. Don’t we need a revenue stream for government to operate and fulfill their obligations established in the Constitution? Of course we do and I fully support it. I just completely differ in the method and in doing so I cut the power mongers off at the knees. There have been many optional methods to fund the government introduced that don’t include an income tax. This is where we had better be headed and soon if we want to head off the impending disaster that awaits us.

Do you want to really unleash the American economic engine like we never seen before? Eliminate the atmosphere of penalizing your success whether it be private individuals of business. Do you want to eliminate the in-fighting we currently have over issues such as tax loopholes, who pays enough tax, who doesn’t pay enough tax, etc.? This is how you do it. This is how you truly make every American equal from a tax burden perspective. Businesses as well.

This is not supply-side economics for all you Reagan haters. I’m not saying to incentivize the rich through tax breaks and hope they trickle down their wealth to us. I’m saying eliminate both the incentives and the penalties. Take away capital gains taxes. Take away inheritance taxes. Truly level the playing field. Now, even this will not eliminate the human traits of envy and jealousy. If you’re one of those that  believe your entitled to someone else’s wealth for the mere fact that you exist, you’ll hate this idea as well. If that’s you, you’re doomed. Big government socialism and wealth redistribution are your only path and you will eventually suffer the same fate as all who choose this path. Failure and economic destruction. It’s the only possible outcome.

But I will bet the farm that if individuals, entrepreneurs and businesses know up front that they get to keep 100% of their profits from their labor and their risks associated with investing and taking risks, they will make those investments and take those risks and grow this economy. Investment money won’t be sitting on the sidelines or being shipped overseas. It will also not be confiscated by the power elite.

This approach will be castigated by all sides in power. It has to because it reduces or virtually eliminates their power. But if we ever want to get off the merry-go-round of partisan politics and fighting the same battles endlessly, it’s the only way to go. If you want to reduce the welfare nation as much as is practical and get as many Americans as possible working and supporting themselves, this is your only choice. Petty jealousy and envy will always exist, but believing the government can play middleman and solve it is truly pie in the sky. Americans have proven time and again that they are the most giving people on earth. You would see social safety nets set up that would be able to help those truly in need and you must do it without the government in the middle.

By the way, I don’t oppose regulations. They are necessary to a point to ensure the safety of the public.

Bottom line? You’ll never, ever see a real solution brought about by government. Not without the public forcing it. It starts and ends with us. Many of us have lost sight, if we ever had it, of what gives us our umbrella of freedom. The dumbing down of America has occurred over a long period of time. We know it’s been working because we are fighting amongst ourselves over the wrong issues entirely. We’re debating what is the best way to ensure everybody gets screwed equally under out tax system. How convoluted is that? That’s what happens when your liberties are stripped away slowly and gradually. I can only hope to do my small part and shed light on the fact that we’re not engaging the enemy, we’re destroying ourselves.

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  1. Excellent post!

    I am against almost all forms of taxation, but I do understand we need to fund the government (not to the level it feels it deserves). My biggest problem with regards to all taxation is the flexibility allowed in the system. If tax rates, regardless of the method whether income tax or sales tax or whatever, were legally locked in and not subject to increases at the whim of statist politicians, then I feel our tax issues would come a long way. The flexibility in the rates shows the “true” nature of the system, is it not about funding anything, it is much more a tool for social control than for collecting money.

  2. What are the human foundations for a strong and healthy economy? Rule of law, along with extensive property rights that are clearly defined and vigorously enforced.

    You nailed it with this one. I hope this reaches some of the folks in the wishy-washy middle. They need to truly understand what is at stake here and vote accordingly.

  3. […] America’s greatest threat: My vote goes to losing our private property rights. It is paramount to liberty and a bedrock of the Founders intent to guarantee freedom in America. It is under attack from a multitude of fronts. Some of it is likely unknowingly such as the response I’ve received on my post concerning corporate tax evasion. I see both conservatives and libertarians alike jumping in with the left with the view that the wealthy and the big corporations should pay more in taxes. This is a result of our deeply flawed system of taxation. […]

  4. Your point about locking in rates is well-taken, but since it takes those same crooks to do it and limit their own power, we know it ain’t happening.

  5. Excellent post. I’ve made similar arguments on more than one occasion; but never as eloquently as you have done. All taxes on businesses and all cost of compliance with government regulations get passed on to the consumer in the end. It’s a hidden tax that people don’t think about. If we can find a way to pay for government by some other means, America would have the most competitive business environment in the world. It would be win-win. Maybe you will do a post soon on other means to pay for government; a much smaller government.

  6. You’re too kind – thanks. I completely agree that all of us need to more posting on real alternatives to get the word out. The tax/spend argument is just getting lost in partisanship. I’ll have to get one up soon.

  7. You nailed it! The tax code has simply become a source of power for our politicians. I also agree that penalizing business, whether via taxes or regulations, is just a hidden tax on the consumer.

    I happen to be in favor of the Fair Tax and very much against the proposed VAT but also recognize that it may not be the best way to raise necessary revenue. Taxing income, either personal or corporate, simply reduces the incentive to create wealth.

    We need to discuss the pros and cons of other means of generating necessary revenue.

    Maybe federal revenue should be a direct levy on the states, with the individual states determining how they collect their portion? Some would do it with a sales tax, some with property taxes, some with income taxes and some with all of these. The advantage would be that the individual/corporation would be able to vote with their feet if the taxation became too onerous in one state versus another.

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