11 thoughts on “Born to be wasted”

  1. Pretty freaking sweet my friend! The A-10 is the best of course, but I also like the F-16, F-15 and the Pave-Hawk love, cool video. I think I saw a OH-58 Kiowa Scout in their too, neat stuff.

    I wish I was on that hill watching with the crowd, lucky bastards!

  2. I spent quite a few afternoons on Tolicha Peak in the Nevada Test Range watching the Red Flag exercises at that same range. Jaw dropping to say the least.

  3. […] Great video of one of our best inter-insurgency aircraft. The A-10 is an awesome aircraft and very deadly at what it does. Can you imagine what it would be like to be strapped into this beast with a wing load of bombs and missiles, plus the 30mm GAU cannon under the nose. A YouTube remix with one of my all time favorite aircraft with some cool backing music. Enjoy! http://youtu.be/OvZN-inNSio … Read More […]

  4. Great video and musical background.

    When I was in Germany doing Radar Bomb Scoring, we had some of the first A-10’s fly on our site. Simply awesome, especially when they flew overhead at about 100 feet in a “bubble check.” A “bubble check” was when we’d ask the pilot to fly over our radar site, which was on a ridge top and they’d fly up out of one of the valleys surrounding our site. You couldn’t even hear the A-10 until it was directly overhead. We’d all scramble to the top of the radar van and watch as they screamed overhead.

    We had ’em all, F-4’s, F-15’s and 16’s, F-111’s, as well as the A-10’s. We also participated in the first B-52 training missions flown over the European theater.


  5. There sure isn’t a substitute for front row seats, except the cockpit of course. I used to work on the TOSS scoring system and other acoustical scoring apparatus when I was stationed at Nellis if that rings any bells. Thanks for checking in.

  6. I worked with some guys that did Red Flag training at Nellis, but never worked with TOSS myself. We used the AN-MSQ-77 for RBS and some other radar systems for ECM work. We were the only radar career field in the Air Force that did both operations and maintenance. If something went wrong with the system while you were in operations, you were expected to fix it.


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