Economic Nyquil – is Ron Paul worth the ‘risk’?

With each passing day, the GOP nominee process does make a couple of things quite clear. Romney is the establishment choice as we all know and second, Ron Paul will likely have to run as an independent if he wants any chance at winning the Presidency.

More and more people each day are converting to Ron Paul with the same caveat. Everyone has reservations about his foreign policy. If they could just get past that, he would likely deny the establishment their candidate of choice.

That begs the question of just how ‘dangerous’ his foreign policy is to the security of the United States. Keep in mind, his belief is that our foreign policy of interventionism is a direct threat to our liberty as citizens. He believes that ‘potential’ threats from foreign sources is trumped by known threats to our liberty. Such as is the case with the PATRIOT Act. He’s been very consistent on this issue throughout the years. Most recently, he has been speaking out against the TSA actions in Tennessee.

First off, you need to decide which interpretation of ‘isolationism’ and ‘non-interventionism’ you wish to agree with. Depending upon your source, you can find differences or some that claim they are one and the same. I could write an entire novel examining just this issue alone. Suffice it to say his detractors tend to try to tag him with both labels.

We do know this for sure. Ron Paul believes in protecting the homeland first and foremost. No doubt because it’s what the Constitution declares a POTUS must do. Securing the borders would actually become a priority. In fact, here is his 6 point plan for doing just that.

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21st Century Statecraft – a U.S. blueprint for civil unrest

“To meet these 21st century challenges, we need to use the tools, the new 21st century statecraft. …we find ourselves living at a moment in human history when we have the potential to engage in these new and innovative forms of diplomacy and to also use them to help individuals be empowered for their own development.”
–Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton

Arab spring? American spring (OWS)? Spontaneous? Just fed up people looking for a cause? Or maybe a well planned series of events several years in the making? Take a look at this expose on the genesis of these seemingly innocuos global events here –

BofA acting irresponsibly? Bunky, say it isn’t so!

Bank of America has completed a nifty little sidestep of regulations that will take advantage of the Bush-Paulson-Obama-Dodd-Frank-Bernanke approved permanent bailout option via the U.S. taxpayer. They have shifted exposure of $75 trillion dollars in derivatives into a secured deposit unit. Read the story here via Bloomberg.

Just more writing on the wall. Whatever the trigger ends up being for the next financial collapse is anyone’s guess, but what is crystal clear is the fact that the same protected people won’t take the fall. You will. So will your neighbor. And your family.

This is why you can’t elect people like Herman Cain. He fully supports the fraternity that allows our wealth to be confiscated. He should since he is one of them. His 9-9-9 plan? If that were to ever come to fruition, Cain would go down in the annals of history as the guy that introduced the greatest source of taxation drain on the U.S. economy ever. And he would do it without eliminating the 16th Amendment first! Insanity!

Sitting back and observing the folly of our legislators go ’round and ’round with the bankers they’re in bed with can be humorous. Until you realize it’s the American people that are always at the end of the line getting the shaft. Just watch and see what happens when BofA needs its next bailout. You and I will be right there for them. That includes all of you OWS people across the country who are encouraging more of the same of what got us here.

How many people bit their tongue and supported McCain? They had to because he was the anti-Obama option. Now they’ll have to do it again with Romney. How many conservatives and libertarians will say, oh well, I’ll just have to do the best I can and support Romney because anybody is better than Obama? Here is my way out on a limb prediction. The year? 2016. The landscape? SOS-DD!

Until we really get serious about change and not just making the best of things while still sticking to the framework in place, change can’t happen. I honestly don’t know if we can ever get there before it’s too late.

Thank you Jesse Jackson Jr.

The Daily Caller has a video interview with Jesse Jackson Jr. making the headlines. You can watch it here. Jackson is being excoriated for his views and rightfully so. Spend nearly another trillion on stimulus and more bailouts. Bypass the Constitution. Bypass the legislative process by acting administratively. What’s not to like?

Seriously, I want to thank JJJ. Far too much of the time we see these politicians dance around and attempt to disguise the real agenda they hope to implement. Take the Obama “jobs bill” for example. Grow government. Pay off donors and reward his voting block. But nothing at all seriously related to growing jobs.

I wish many more were just like JJJ. Own it. Wear it on your sleeve like a badge of honor. If you’re a socialist, be like Bernie Sanders and be proud of it. Makes life so much easier during an election campaign to out these people. Which is, of course, why they can’t do it.

JJJ is accusing Obama of not going far enough. He wants direct hiring of the entire unemployed population, not just theoretical incentives for hiring. He also wants bailouts of the states and local governments to boot.

I say JJJ is not going far enough. If we’re going to send this nation down the toilet, why screw around? JJJ should be calling for MANDATORY hiring of all unemployed able-bodied workers as well as promoting all part-timers to full-time. This is all about fairness, right? Every person in this country should work until an agreed upon retirement age. Let’s all pull our fair share. No early retirement either. If you’re healthy enough, then get to work and contribute to this society.

Fairness would also entail set wages and a flat tax. He mentioned a salary of around 40K for the plethora of new government workers. JJJ, why not lead by example and introduce the legislation reducing congressional salary pay cuts to this arbitrary “fair” number you’ve come up with?

All right, I won’t bore you with this pie-in-the-sky garbage that will never happen anymore. Fairness has nothing to do with the socialist agenda. But I have to say it is refreshing whenever we see the wolves take off even just a part of the sheeps clothing. Let’s hope it continues right up election time.