Thank you Jesse Jackson Jr.

The Daily Caller has a video interview with Jesse Jackson Jr. making the headlines. You can watch it here. Jackson is being excoriated for his views and rightfully so. Spend nearly another trillion on stimulus and more bailouts. Bypass the Constitution. Bypass the legislative process by acting administratively. What’s not to like?

Seriously, I want to thank JJJ. Far too much of the time we see these politicians dance around and attempt to disguise the real agenda they hope to implement. Take the Obama “jobs bill” for example. Grow government. Pay off donors and reward his voting block. But nothing at all seriously related to growing jobs.

I wish many more were just like JJJ. Own it. Wear it on your sleeve like a badge of honor. If you’re a socialist, be like Bernie Sanders and be proud of it. Makes life so much easier during an election campaign to out these people. Which is, of course, why they can’t do it.

JJJ is accusing Obama of not going far enough. He wants direct hiring of the entire unemployed population, not just theoretical incentives for hiring. He also wants bailouts of the states and local governments to boot.

I say JJJ is not going far enough. If we’re going to send this nation down the toilet, why screw around? JJJ should be calling for MANDATORY hiring of all unemployed able-bodied workers as well as promoting all part-timers to full-time. This is all about fairness, right? Every person in this country should work until an agreed upon retirement age. Let’s all pull our fair share. No early retirement either. If you’re healthy enough, then get to work and contribute to this society.

Fairness would also entail set wages and a flat tax. He mentioned a salary of around 40K for the plethora of new government workers. JJJ, why not lead by example and introduce the legislation reducing congressional salary pay cuts to this arbitrary “fair” number you’ve come up with?

All right, I won’t bore you with this pie-in-the-sky garbage that will never happen anymore. Fairness has nothing to do with the socialist agenda. But I have to say it is refreshing whenever we see the wolves take off even just a part of the sheeps clothing. Let’s hope it continues right up election time.

5 thoughts on “Thank you Jesse Jackson Jr.”

  1. Gee, do you think any poor souls struggling to get by on, say, just 20K a year would get the bright idea to suddenly lose their job and qualify for one of JJJ’s 40K handout jobs? I would predict a sudden, massive rise in the unemployment rate should some fool like JJJ ever get their way.

  2. I listened to this garbage earlier in the day. Maybe he could enlist some angry young youth and send them out to intimidate the enemies of his democracy. Oh wait that was tried once before…they were called brown shirts.

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