21st Century Statecraft – a U.S. blueprint for civil unrest

“To meet these 21st century challenges, we need to use the tools, the new 21st century statecraft. …we find ourselves living at a moment in human history when we have the potential to engage in these new and innovative forms of diplomacy and to also use them to help individuals be empowered for their own development.”
–Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton

Arab spring? American spring (OWS)? Spontaneous? Just fed up people looking for a cause? Or maybe a well planned series of events several years in the making? Take a look at this expose on the genesis of these seemingly innocuos global events here – http://www.laborunionreport.com/portal/2011/10/21st-century-statecraft-meet-the-private-public-partnership-supporting-arabspring-occupywallst/

4 thoughts on “21st Century Statecraft – a U.S. blueprint for civil unrest”

  1. This is impressive work, 5etester. I was aware of AYM and the role of the State Department but I was not aware of there being corporate sponsors let alone that they are actually involved in training these young people. The questions you ask at the end about the potential liability are important. I wonder if their shareholders aware of this potential liability.
    We don’t know that AYM is involved in the Occupy ——— activities but someone is using the same or similar tactics. You are right _ these Occupy demonstrations were not spontaneous any more than the Arab Spring was spontaneous. Thanks for all your work on this.


  2. Wish I could claim it as mine Jim. I’m just linking to another that did a nice job with all the source links to back up their work.

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