Obama behind bill language to indefinitely detain American citizens without charge

In case you wondered who ordered the language in the NDAA bill protecting American citizens from being indefinitely detained without charge, look no further than your President.

Here is S. 1867, The National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 2012


Title X, Subtitle D – Detainee Matters is the area of interest


6 thoughts on “Obama behind bill language to indefinitely detain American citizens without charge”

  1. I’m wondering about something. The language that was in the Senate bill was modified to preclude American citizens and lawful residents from being subject to Section 1031. Do you know how it is faring in the reconciliation process with the House bill?

  2. As you may know, the Senate Bill is S.1867 and the House Bill is H.R.1540. The Senate Bill passed 93-7. The House Bill passed the Armed Services Committee 60-1 and the full House 322-96. It should be noted that the House Bill does not contain the offending language. The House voted 406-17 to keep portions of the conference debate closed, including the detainee provision, to avoid public scrutiny. This is the 50th consecutive NDAA.

    I do know this. The GOP is highlighting the detaining of American citizens as the kep sticking point, but in reality the White House is disputing the language that would have terrorists be included in it. How bizarre is that? Obama has no problem detaining American citizens but claims he would allow that portion to be dropped. His main concern is that terrorists don’t fall under military custody, he wants them charged in civilian court.

    They’ve been at it for about a week and a compromise bill is expected by mid-week to allow time for passage in both chambers.

  3. This really should have gotten more press. Our President wanted to be able to have the authority to detain American citizen indefinitely. Let that sink in for a moment. He wanted to violate the constitution of the United States to have the authority to detain American citizens indefinitely. Wow. We have officially hit rock bottom.

  4. I’m afraid I’ll have to disagree John. I still think we have a way to go before we see rock bottom. To your point, not only is he indifferent to the idea of locking us up, his main concern is protecting terrorists rights and ensuring that they are afforded a civilian trial as if they were an American citizen. The man is a menace.

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