When liberty is stolen, can the ‘right’ people legislate it back?

I said at the end of my last post that I will start putting forth my ideas on what to do about saving liberty in America. I’d like to start by referencing a post from another writer at The Burning Platform. I like the post but I point it out because I can’t agree with the solutions provided. Please read on.

“A general dissolution of principles and manners will more surely overthrow the liberties of America than the whole force of the common enemy. While the people are virtuous they cannot be subdued; but once they lose their virtue they will be ready to surrender their liberties to the first external or internal invader… If virtue and knowledge are diffused among the people, they will never be enslaved. This will be their great security.” — Samuel Adams

I don’t have to tell you that the biggest problem in America is malaise. Last week’s Republican debate drew approximately 3 million less viewers than X Factor. People can tell you what Chas Bono was wearing on Dancing With the Stars last week, but they don’t know that the federal government has made it illegal to give your garden vegetables to your neighbor. It is scary, shocking, and terrifying how far this nation’s people have fallen since we were the world leader in, well, everything worth being the world leader in.

We used to be a free nation with people allowed to keep the majority of what they earned and they were pretty much left to their own devices as long as they didn’t interfere with anyone else’s liberty.

Article 1 Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution only allows the federal government to do 20 things. The following is a brief list of the damage our freedom has taken in the last century by allowing the federal government to step around, on, and over the Constitution. The funny thing is, when you read the Declaration of Independence and see what our grievances against King George were, I think this list is much more heinous. These are just my top ten, I’m sure there are MANY MANY more:

1. The income tax amendment to the Constitution. Enacted in 1913 (some say illegally) it was supposed to have a maximum tax of 1%. How’s that working out for ya?

2. The Federal Reserve Act also in 1913 signed into law by Woodrow Wilson. This transferred control of our monetary system to the criminal Wall Street banks. Since this was passed, we have had a reduction of the value of the US dollar of 98%! In 1913 a 20 dollar gold piece bought you a nice suit, 2 pairs of pants, and a pair of shoes. In 2011 it still does, so I’m sure a 20 dollar bill will as well, no?

3. The Social Security Act signed into law by Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1935. This was originally designed to help widows and orphans (if you believe that I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale). It is now the biggest scam in America today and this will be the first year since inception that it will pay out more than it takes in. I have been paying 12.4% of my salary to this for the last 27 years until the 2% credit enacted this past year designed to bankrupt the system faster, lowered the tax rate to 1 dollar tax for every 9 I earn. Imagine my ‘retirement’ account if this was being held in my name, instead of being redistributed? Given that the number of workers to retirees has fallen drastically from 16-1 in 1950 to 2.9-1 in 2010, how do you think we can continue this??

4. Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac. Created in 1938 & 1970 respectively, these quasi-governmental lenders working with CONgress teamed up over the last 15 years to destroy the housing market in this Country. I can’t believe giving no money down loans to anyone who could fog a mirror was a bad idea?

5. Medicare & Medicaid. Lyndon Baines Johnson, the WORST President in American History, although Carter and that used car salesman we have now give him a run for his money, started Medicare and Medicaid. These 2 Ponzi schemes I’m sure make Bernie Madoff proud. These programs have destroyed the US healthcare system, as we now spend 17% of our GDP on healthcare, helped pave the way for Obamacare and account for approximately 100 trillion in unfunded liabilities. I’ll spell that number out so you can see it – $100,000,000,000,000.00.

6. Patriot Act. What a pleasant name for such a sinister law. Purposely long and confusing, the Patriot Act was signed by President Bush on October 26, 2001. This Act (in complete violation of the 4th amendment to the Constitution) allows the Government to spy on its citizens under the guise of protecting us from terrorists. It was Ben Franklin who famously said “Those who would trade their liberty for security deserve neither”. For those that think there is a difference between Republicans and Democrats, this walking Constitutional violation was recently extended for 4 more years with approximately 2/3 of each of the republicrat parties approving.

7. TARP Troubled Asset Relief Program – 10/03/08. Forgetting the 700 Billion in tax dollars spent, this program officially signaled the end of the free market system. No longer did hard work, and a good idea mean anything, all you needed were good lobbyists to succeed in America.

8. Food safety bill passed December 2010. This bill is a massive Government overreach that makes it illegal for an individual to sell or GIVE AWAY any of their own food. Lobbyists led by food giant Monsanto got this through again under the cradle to grave idea of protecting us from ourselves. Several states have passed legislation this year in an attempt to protect their citizens from this new law.

9. Undeclared Wars – The Constitution clearly states that war MUST be declared and voted on by Congress. We are now in so many wars that I’ve lost track. We now have a President that doesn’t even feel the need to consult with Congress before attacking another Country. According to Brown University the “War on Terror”, i.e. chasing the boogeyman has cost us 3-4 trillion dollars. Amazing how arming pilots or putting some $10 master locks on flight cabin doors could have averted the whole thing. Apparently we “won” in Iraq, only 4,500 of our young people dead, 30,000 wounded, and 150,000 Iraqi’s killed. I wonder if any of the 150,000 Iraqi’s had relatives? What do you think they think of us and our liberation attacks? Wouldn’t it be better if our troops were home actually defending our borders and spending their money here?

10. Unlimited Detention of Americans – The defense authorization bill (NDAA) currently moving through Congress that funds the US military, effectively extends the battlefield in the “war on terror” to the US and applies the established principle that combatants in any war are subject to military detention. Specifically, sections 1031 and 1032, declare the unconstitutional right to detain Americans indefinitely without trial.


Those are the facts above. My opinion on how the Government / Bankers / Lobbyists have been able to get away with this is simple. The US Department of Education was recreated in 1979 and started operating as a cabinet level agency in 1980. The DoE has successfully dummed down several generations of our children. For example, we have gone from #1 in math worldwide to #31. It just does my heart good to hear those kids chant “Were #31, Were #31”. I could go all day on the damage caused by the Department of Education, and have in other articles, but the point here is that another unconstitutional cabinet department has destroyed education in this Country.

For all the folks who made it through the education system before the indoctrination started, we have cable news, newspapers, and reality TV. It is amazing to me how few people go get their news, rather they let it come to them and take it as gospel. The only folks today who are informed are the ones that go get their news rather than letting it come to them. When I hear paid pundits like Bill O’Reilly talking about something like it is fact, I like to ask “who do they work for, who is their master?” The answer to that question is very important to determining the accuracy of the statements. It mattes not what network they work for, I have heard Bill and other MSMers BS so much that the only time I tune in to one of these shows is literally to count their lies.


We have an election coming in 2012, it’s kind of a big one, our Nation’s future is at stake. If you are in either the “Obama’s not so bad”, or the “Anyone but Obama” camp, you are a big part of the problem. For example: We have 7 main candidates running for the republican nomination, Bachmann, Gingrich, Huntsman, Paul, Perry, Romney, Santorum. I would like to take them 1 by 1 if I may.

Newt – We could talk about his longggggg list of personal shortcomings; cheating on this wife or that wife, congressional ethics violations, taking money from Fannie & Freddie, but I’d prefer to judge him on his record. He is a big government progressive who was a huge global warming supporter with Nancy Pelosi, supported the Federal healthcare takeover when he was speaker, takes credit for 2 federal balanced budgets while he wasn’t even in office, and thinks we should tighten the Patriot Act like a noose around every citizen’s neck. Give him credit for one thing, he is his biggest fan.

Mitt – Another Big Government Progressive who never met a social program he didn’t love. Mitt’s switched positions on so many issues so many times, it is impossible to keep up. Recently he was endorsed by Christine “I am not a witch” O’Donnell, who has also given money to Cain, Gingrich & Santorum. She said in a CNN interview that she liked his “consistency.” When the reporter informed her that Mittens has been on both sides of virtually every issue, Christine didn’t skip a beat, “”That’s one of the things that I like about him — because he’s been consistent since he changed his mind.” Priceless!

Rick Perry – Poor Rick Perry, when he’s not busy inoculating preteen girls against their will, he’s busy showing off his intellect. Enough there, feel sorry for the man. He is likable, I would have him over for dinner, but putting him in charge of the Country, that’s another story.

Michele Bachmann – Constitutional conservative my ass! BIG Patriot Act supporter. Dumb as a bag of doughnuts. She sees terrorists in every corner. Don’t give her access to the red button whatever you do!

Huntsman – A nice man who wants the troops home, which is a good thing. He’s way out of his league here, asked to talk about anything but China, he talks about…well…China.

Rick Santorum – The only candidate scarier than Bachmann. He is the biggest anti-freedom war monger of the bunch. Preaches conservatism, but apparently has never opened a Constitution. Luckily, he can’t raise any money because he scares the beejeezus out of folks. As an incumbent senator in PA in 2006, he lost reelection by 18 points, a state record for an incumbant. The people in Pennsylvania had it right. He should be out in a couple of weeks.


It will not be easy. The problem, as I found out first hand is that a lot people either don’t want to fix it as they would have to get a job and stop living off of the taxpayer, or they don’t have any idea what a mess we are in as explained above. We have become fat and lazy as a nation. As much as I hate the income tax, 47% of our people paying none and being supported by the rest of us is not a good thing.

Among people who know the Country is in deep trouble, there are 2 camps. The “We are too far gone” camp and the “We can turn this around” camp. I belong to the latter. That’s why I ran for office last year in a district that was all of 18% republican. I sincerely believe that if we get honest people who legitimately care about this Country and understand the role of government into public office that we can fix a lot of this mess. Why not start at the top with the President?

Full disclosure first. This isn’t the entire article. It goes on to support Ron Paul for President. You can read it all here.

As I said at the top, the problem I have is with the solution. Most people are accepting of the idea that we only have limited choices. in this case, two. The author chooses what most would say. Elect the right people and we’ll be on the right track.  The first choice was dependency which is a perceived ‘safe’ choice for the believers. Yet I see option B as a ‘safe’ choice as well. Of course we want to believe that our system of government will function just fine if we only elect the right people. I believe that time has passed. The establishment runs too deep. This is the real challenge as I see it. Lots of good people out there who realize the peril our country is in but still hope to find a solution from within. I’ll keep posting with the reasons why this can’t work and what we really need to do.

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  1. I have always believed that the solutions to our problems reside at the local level. The States are still extremely powerful in terms of the constitution. They need to stand up an starting exerting this authority granted to them by the constitution and realize that federal judges have no business interfering in state matters. Their concern is the constitution and the constitution only.

  2. I used to believe, as you John, about local level solutions. However, I’ve now evolved into the opinion that no solution is possible at any level of government, at least through our normal process. Not a popular opinion to be sure. No one doubts that the establishment reaches deep within both parties. As does crony-capitalism, lobbyists, special interests, etc. Getting a principled candidate through the usual promotion chain to a leadership position just isn’t possible. Just look at Marco Rubio and his compromise vote on the NDAA. He was the anointed one for the conservative throne, yet we’re already seeing the cracks.

    Then look at the Judiciary. When was the last time you saw a ruling favoring State’s rights over the Feds? Immigration? Nowhere. Tenth Amendment? Great movement, but where has it progressed? Look at the recent Silberman ruling siding with the Commerce Clause in Susan Seven-Sky v. Holder. He would normally be considered a Scalia clone. Now he has set the stage for an Obama win next summer on the individual mandate.

    It’s a stacked deck, top to bottom. Restoring a proper balance of power amongst the three branches as well as between the FedGov and States just isn’t going to happen. The establishment has worked toward this imbalance for decades and they have succeeded.

    I wish I were wrong and am willing to listen to those who differ, but I see my Fed funding solution as mandatory.

  3. Our founders knew that the natural tendency for government is to expand to a point where it would infringe on the rights of people. They also understood the system could easily become corrupt as a bi-product of human nature. In fact the constitution would never have been ratified if not for the bill of rights. It was a guarantee that many states wanted inserted into the constitution to ensure that no federal government could step beyond the boundaries imposed upon it by these amendments. The constitution is still the law of the land and it is still enforceable. The problem is it’s being ignored and no one is willing to stand up and defend it. This is the job of the citizenry because the great equalizer in all this is an informed citizenry. This of course opens the door to another problem we’re facing as a nation…an uninformed citizenry who knows more about the lives of the contestants on Dancing with the Stars than their own form of government and constitution. This is where we come in. Our job is to continue to write about these issues and educate the people about our history, our constitution, and liberty. We need to use the tools available to us like blogs. We need to talk to friends and neighbors about it. We need to remind people of who we are as a people and where we came from. This can be a very frustrating and rewarding process and it will take time.

    The reason my first reply was so “as a matter of fact” is because I believe that the answer resides at the local level because I believe the constitution is still the law of the land and it must be enforced. This includes Federal judges meddling in the affairs of states. They have no constitutional authority do take up issues that are state related. The only times they are permitted to take on an issue is if it infringes on individual liberties or violates provisions that constitution protects which are individual liberties. The reason they get away with what they’re doing is because we have an uninformed public asleep at the wheel. The good news is this is slowly but surely changing. More people are talking about the constitution and liberty today than in the last 50 years and I believe we’re starting to go through a period of awaking. More and more organizations and study groups are coming together to learn about the founders and the constitution. This will not happen overnight, it must happen a person at a time. We’re gaining ground don’t lose faith.

  4. Well said John, as the author of this article, I was completely misrepresented by the poster here. What I said was “Why not start at the top with the President?” Obviously, this will not solve everything, but having a president Paul who is with the people beats the hell out of a president Rombama who is/will be against us. I am someone who believes in personal reliance and private charity heavily. Unfortunately, the more the government sits on us, the less time & money is available for local charity.

    I also ran for office at the state level in an effort to stop state waste & corruption. We need to all do our part.


  5. I was completely misrepresented by the poster here

    How? I copied and pasted as well as providing a source link and even pointed out that what I did highlight wasn’t the entire article. If that’s misrepresenting you, I don’t see how. I only pointed out my disagreement with your possible solution. That’s a disagreement on content, not misrepresentation.

  6. I have no problem with you disagreeing. Many think we are too far gone already. I choose to fight.

    I took issue with…”Most people are accepting of the idea that we only have limited choices. in this case, two. The author chooses what most would say. Elect the right people and we’ll be on the right track.”

    That is a small part, in no way does that alone fix the problem. We need a complete educational system overhaul and we need to “unbrainwash” the public. A Paul presidency would go a longggggg way to getting that stuff started, but it is only a beginning.

  7. What is clear to me is just how ineffective my posts are as illustrated by the comments from you, John and others. My critique is that the solutions you both provide aren’t enough and won’t happen fast enough, not that they are incorrect. Education and bottom-up overhauls of our elected officials are noble goals and certainly should be done.

    What I’m not communicating for some reason is that we have to change the Constitution and structurally limit the power of the Federal Government. Period. The establishment is so ingrained across the political spectrum in all three branches that they won’t allow rogue reformers like Ron Paul to crash their party. I’ve been saying all along that you can’t fix that from with-in. They won’t allow it and why would any of us expect them to?

    I fear that even those of us who value liberty won’t accept this premise. The balance of power between the Federal Government, the States and ultimately the people must be changed or we will never see the outcome you seek. An educated citizenry is great. Principled elected officials at the state and local level are great. However, the power resides at the Federal level until we forcibly change it because they’ll never give it up willingly.

    I haven’t given up. I see it as my duty to continue to try to inform.

  8. Well, thank you for your efforts as well and thanks for stopping by Spellchek. Your stance is one that has been fought for ever since the Constitution was ratified. Unfortunately, we have gone the other way as a nation and the reason why I don’t wish to keep chasing an elusive dream. Remember, we wouldn’t have even had a Constitution if it were not changed by the Bill of Rights, so my thinking is not at all new. Unfortunately, you can’t undo judges with lifetime appointments nor will you see the establishment being unraveled from with-in. Even reversing a hundred years of academia that embraces the progressive platform will take a long time just because of tenured teachers alone. I’ll stick with my belief that we need to strengthen liberty.

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