Need a job? How about SEIU Home Care? Must be qualified in civil disobedience

These things used to be surprising, but now they are commonplace. Direct from the SEIU website is this job posting for a Senior/Lead Internal Organizer, Home Care. Seems rather innocuous until you read a little further into the job description.

 Train and lead members in non-violent civil disobedience, such as occupying state buildings and banks, and peaceful resistance

Nothing like a little civil disobedience in your daily home care duties. Then there’s this.

 Plan and execute strategic direct action field plans including banner drops, bank takeovers, and capitol occupations with membership, other local unions, and coalition partners

Sound like a valid job description for home care to you? Do you wonder what the pay is for such a position?

Salary offer depending on experience, ranging from $55,200- $65,200 as determined by a staff union contract

Not bad for a hired union thug.

Here is the link to the posting if you think you can stomach it –

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