U.S. shifting undeclared wars to the Asia-Pacific region

The White House has released its strategic defense initiatives for the new year. It would appear that we will focus on starting new conflicts in the Asia-Pacific region as the Iraq-Afghanistan wars have outlived their usefulness. As the President stated:

Indeed, as we end today’s wars, we will focus on a broader range of challenges and opportunities, including the security and prosperity of the Asia Pacific

Now these are our defense initiatives, correct? Should we be focusing on “opportunities” when it comes to defense? The policy statement goes on further to declare:

while the U.S. military will continue to contribute to security globally, we will of necessity rebalance toward the Asia-Pacific region 

Of necessity? One would think that in the interest of national defense, we would respond to specific threats, whether active or potential, rather than identify them beforehand. In fact, this type of policy initiative announcement seems striking similar to one of a previous administration, otherwise known as the Bush Doctrine.  Interesting how those who publicly denounce policy prior to taking office then turn and embrace it once in office.

You can read the entire report here and draw your own conclusions. There is a growing chorus of disenchantment with our policy of instigating conflicts, and what else would you call defense “opportunities”, around the globe. We see it from the Ron Paul camp as well as the youth of the country, the OWS movement and many more on both the left and right. These people aren’t interested in withdrawing troops from war theatres in Iraq and Afghanistan merely to redeploy into new “opportunity” zones.

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