Who is killing more Americans, Iran or Mexico?

Question – how many deaths have resulted from the Iranian nuclear weapons program? That would be zero unless you include the Iranian nuclear scientists that have been assassinated due to the covert war being waged by the CIA and Mossaud.

Zero. As in none. Both our defense department and Israeli intelligence are on record stating that they cannot even substantiate the claim that Iran is actively pursuing a nuclear weapons program. Yet it’s a major plank in our national defense strategy and we, as well as the EU, continue to ramp up sanctions against Iran.

Another question – which Middle East state has not signed the nuclear non-proliferation treaty? Is it Iran ? No, they are a member. It’s Israel, which does possess nuclear weapons, yet doesn’t acknowledge it.

So Israel has them and Iran does not and we cannot even confirm that they are even pursuing them. Our national posture is that Israel is a friend and ally as well as a strategic asset so we will continue to conduct a policy to help protect the State of Israel and its people.

We have a long history of coming to the aid of friends and allies across the globe. Which leads me to the next question.

Which friend and ally of the U.S. has seen over 50,000 people killed or otherwise unaccounted for in the past five years in an internal war? Of course, that would be Mexico. Yes, like Israel, our friend and ally and a strategic asset. What is the difference? As a result of the Mexican drug war, we have seen the number of Americans killed steadily rising each year as a result of the border spillover violence. In fact, we have a government which has actively exploited this violence for its political gain by employing the Fast and Furious gun running operation.

Do we see any hypocrisy here? Israel is armed and capable of defending itself. It has an intelligence agency in Mossaud that likely exceeds the capabilities of our own CIA. Both the U.S. and Iran are nuclear non-proliferation treaty members, while Israel is not. No American deaths have resulted from the potential acquisition of an Iranian nuclear weapon.

Yet , right next to our border we are seeing in excess of a thousand deaths per month in a drug war and that violence has directly resulted in over 100 American citizen deaths each year and that total is rising. Our government has exacerbated the problem by supplying weapons to the drug cartels in an effort to further its goal of denying 2nd Amendment rights to American citizens. We are now seeing violence in over 1,000 American cities as a result of the Mexican drug war.

What the hell is wrong here people? Why aren’t we imposing economic sanctions upon the Mexican government to force them to get their drug war under control? After all, we can actually count the dead American bodies that have resulted rather than the subjective rhetoric surrounding an Iranian nuke that we can’t even confirm they are pursuing. It’s asinine!

Why is this happening? It’s the same thing I keep harping on. Natural resources access and control. Iran is centrally located in a very strategic region of the world that will not only continue to be the focus on oil, but also natural gas and rare earth minerals for the foreseeable future. Mexico is not. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out.

I keep pointing out these examples because they are occurring across the globe and we can see what the common denominator always is. United States strategic initiatives. Here’s the catch. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Yet we won’t acknowledge it. Why? We can’t embrace an open policy of both covert and open war to secure energy assets. It just doesn’t sell well to many segments of the American people that people are dying as a result of such a policy.

However, we denounce violence across the globe. Particularly in humanitarian causes. Needless deaths and the like. That’s our ‘official’ policy, yet we don’t walk the talk. Thus we see instances such as Mexico. Sorry to the 50,000 plus dead people but the fact is you aren’t as important to the U.S. because you don’t stand in the way of what we want.

There are many examples if you like. Take Nigeria for example. Obama is already on record with our new national strategic defense initiatives as identifying North Africa as a future target. Guess who has the oil? That’s right, Nigeria. A country fraught with corruption and violence. And the oil? It’s a massive ecological disaster already. More hypocrisy from our government. We reject pipeline expansion projects here at home over potential spilled oil, but couldn’t care less about Nigeria.

Do we impose sanctions against Nigeria? You bet! But not because of spilled oil. Rather, we need a vehicle in which to support future conflict over, you guessed it, natural resources access and control.

The fact is that our police state mentality here at home as well as our porous border has resulted in far more deaths and the continuous erosion of our liberty. We stand idly by while tyrants and dictators around the globe massacre their own people because they don’t rank high enough on our strategic initiatives scale. We allow wars to be conducted both on and inside our own borders. There are humanitarian abuses and ecological disasters in abundance.

What we have is both foreign and domestic policy that is inconsistent and politically driven rather than based upon the rule of law. When you blur the lines of economic, ecological, cultural and religious issues in with actual direct threats of violence or land occupation, you end up with anything goes for whatever purposes is served foreign policy. That’s what we have. Anything can be justified as under the auspices of national defense. That’s been extended onto the homeland as it is now ‘officially’ seen as part of the battlefield. Crossing the lines and implementing a police state is a natural progression.

So you can buy into the narrative of stopping Iran from getting a nuke at all costs if you wish. But you really should take everything were doing in total context. Sometimes it’s what we do and sometimes it’s what we don’t do that blurs those lines. It is your liberty that is going away and generally because we’re allowing it or even encouraging it.

5 thoughts on “Who is killing more Americans, Iran or Mexico?”

  1. “What the hell is wrong here people? Why aren’t we imposing economic sanctions upon the Mexican government to force them to get their drug war under control? ”

    Well, consider that the drug war is all our fault. We have a large number of drug-abusing criminals here in the US, and our government is quite soft on them. The demand from these criminals has created the drug war in Mexico.

    Mexico has a reason to resent the US, not the other way around.

    Also, Iran’s nuclear weapons program has not killed any Americans, but the terrorists there have killed large numbers of innocent Americans since Khomeini seized control of the country in 1979.

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