Have to throw my two cents in on the latest unemployment numbers. It’s becoming quite clear that Obama is going to have his high 7/low 8 unemployment number for the November election. That allows him to sell his stimulus as a success if the number is below 8% as he promised taking away one of the GOP’s biggest talking points of the last couple of years. They had better start selling the numbers that really matter which is the number of employed people in this country, rather than the skewed numbers of the unemployed.

Directly from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Table A, Household Data. The number not in the labor force. January 2012 – 87,874 (in thousands). The number from January 2009 when Obama took office – 81,023 (in thousands). Subtract the difference and we get 6,851 (in thousands).

It means we have 6,851,000 less people working today than we had when Obama took responsibility. Nearly 7 million less Americans working (and paying taxes) today than just 3 short years ago. Obama can’t dispute those numbers because they’re from his own agency, the same one he uses to promote the unemployment rate number. He can claim his stimulus created millions of new jobs but the numbers don’t support it.

The GOP better get it together quick and start harping on the relevant numbers everyday so the squishy middle gets it before election day.

Disclaimer – all of these numbers are BLS numbers which are highly suspect based upon their methodology. However, it helps to use the same source Obama is citing when refuting his claims.

Source – http://www.bls.gov/news.release/empsit.a.htm

Source – http://www.bls.gov/news.release/archives/empsit_02062009.htm


17 thoughts on “President Obama – where have the 6,851,000 jobs gone?

  1. Obama’s first fiscal year didn’t start until Oct. 1, 2009. The Stimulus didn’t fully go into effect until Jan. 2010. But the following graph says it all.

    You can play the blame game all you want, but the facts show Republican policies are a total disaster.

  2. Don’t sound like a democratic hack, answer the question. Why do we have nearly 7 million people less working now than 3 years ago? Still blaming Bush yet I’m playing the blame game? Is the BLS manipulating the numbers just to make Obama look bad? You’re going to have to do much better.

  3. Bush destroyed a hell of a lot of jobs and Republicans have done all they could to prevent a recovery. Look at the graph from BLS. You’re trying to blame Obama for the damage caused by Bush.

  4. I’m blaming Obama for the damage caused by Obama. Don’t think I’m a Bush supporter for a minute. I’m not a Republican either. Bush racked up trillions in debt, two unneccessary wars and on and on. But Bush being an idiot in no way excuses Obama. You guys have to get off the blame Bush narrative. It’s old and stale.

    I did look at the graph. I also stated I don’t believe any BLS numbers, but since Obama cites them, I do as well just to show the hypocrisy. The fact is that the BLS states that nearly 7 million less people are working. Why won’t you explain that instead of playing the blame Bush game?

  5. Many of the manufacturing jobs went to China and many domestic jobs were destroyed as part of the recession. Look at the link I posted. You’re blaming Obama for Republican policies.

  6. “In the last 22 months, businesses have created more than 3 million jobs. Last year, they created the most jobs since 2005.” – Barack Obama at the 2012 State of the Union address

    This is what we’re talking about. He’s claiming millions of jobs created and his Bureau of Labor Statistics says he’s a liar. The 6.8 million less employed were since January of 2009. The recession ended in July of 2009 yet the BLS numbers show a steady decrease in the employed since Barack Obama took office. Those are facts, not blaming anyone.

  7. Standard lib protocol. When you can’t debate the merits, you name call. The BLS stats I cited were from Jan. 2009 to Jan. 2012. Exactly 3 years. Look, I don’t blame you for all the distractions and tap dancing around because you know you’re dead wrong. Now just go away.

  8. Hello my good friend! Have you changed your handle to “Anti- Federalist”? I can dig it!

    If we assume that Obama’s numbers are correct_ that he created three million jobs, he is intentionally leaving out that he lost 3 million jobs + 6.8 million jobs for a total 9.8 million to arrive at the BLS figure 6.8 million less jobs now. Typical liberal slight of hand.

    BTW, I puy up a status post today and hope to make a normal post tomorrow.


  9. DON’T worry not only manufacturing jobs but also jobs like in service sector jobs , management level jobs , financial sector , banking , insurance , legal, pharma l etc etc thousand of them r going to be outsourced overseas , (watch that YouTube link too)

    The dip in unemployment rate is temporarily and its cooked for election 2012 ,
    after election it will be risen considerably in tow digits (and don t forget about the quality of jobs)


    This current Call Centre bill And American jobs Act will be also not passed , same as previous outsourcing bill which was dead.Its an Election gimmick , with nexus of corporate s (wall street ) and government to fool people , and they r damn sure that this will too not pass very damn sure , infact Morgan Stanley and jp morgan chase (these both got large amount Bailout from fed (tax money)) is going to cut more jobs in US around most of them and they will will transferred to India , they want to transfer about 92 % more jobs outside , A mortgage company OCWEN FINANCIAL which has 90 % of jobs outsourced overseas ( India and some to Uruguay ) r buying more mortgage companies like LITTON from Goldman sachs and HomeEq servicing from Braclays and together with Altisource etc and transfer there jobs to overseas too ( mostly all of them ) same with IBM and other companies. so most of american companies will be employing overseas people in future ( might be 95 % of workforce). jobs of authors , contents writers , editors , copy writers etc etc will also be going to be outsourced so u too get ready to find other job in Mac Donald or wall-mart And all your jobs r here , Below in this links.






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