There’s a huge buzz after the Super Bowl Chrysler ad with the unmistakable voice of Clint Eastwood.

I know everyone is searching for something positive to point to in light of our wretched economy. Especially in Michigan. I’m a resident so I live it everyday. But is this a tad bit of a stretch? Why? Maybe because Chrysler is now a foreign-owned car company. That’s right, we no longer have the Big 3 domestic automakers. Fiat owns Chrysler courtesy of the U.S. taxpayer bailout package. You spent $1.3 billion of your tax dollars to enable Chrysler to sell out to Fiat. The total cost of the auto bailouts has been revised up to $23.77 billion.

It also doesn’t help that they didn’t even film the commercial in Detroit. Or that the spokesman, Clint Eastwood, has no ties to Detroit or the automakers. Or the fact that any resurgence due to the auto bailouts is lost among the residents since southeast Michigan has three of the most miserable cities in which to live. Or the fact that Mayor Dave Bing is fighting desperately to stave off a bailout of the city which is slated to run out of money by May. Or that GM only sold 603 of its much-hyped Volt in January.

There is a true positive in that the state unemployment rate has dropped substantially in falling to 9.3%  from a high during the recession exceeding 15%. However, the state suffers from the same malady as the nation in that the rate drop has a large component of people who have dropped out of the work force.

There are some positive signs for Michigan and the worst may be behind it, but I think it’s premature to bust out the Super Bowl ads highlighting it just yet. Clint is the man and I love his movies, but I think he should researched this role a little more.


5 thoughts on “Is Detroit ready to lead the 2nd half comeback?

  1. Great blog I totally agree with you and your perspective towards this issue about the economy in the states i mean Actors make it sound so small and not a big deal with how the state’s economy is at the moment because it doesn’t or hasn’t affected them as much as the ordinary average americans.

    Unemployment rate in the states is crazy and unbelievable even if the recession was a couple of years ago till this day the country still sees its scar and it’s impact it has affected average ordinary america’s lifestyles and how behind they have fallen compared to other countires in the world.

    Lets just hope America picks up and shows improvements with its economy and it’s own people. Actors should understand that the average lifestyle in states such as Michigan or illinois is hard and having a famous actor act in an advertisment and representing the state of Michigan makes it look like the recession hasn’t impacted alot of average Americans, i think the adverstment manager of the company should consider hiring an average american person who is going through a tough time after a couple of years after the recession and show their perspective towards the economy in the states. Sorry the reply is long but it really annoys me that big organisations make everything look so small and not a big of a deal especially when it comes to the economy of the country.

  2. Chrysler can deny the Obama payback for the bailouts connection all they want, but any clear thinking person sees right through that. You’ve got good ideas. I don’t think Eastwood has gone over to the dark side and become a liberal, but the ad itself is cleared geared toward re-electing Obama.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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