Gas station security guards for Detroit?

Yet another example of the failed progressive experiment in the city of Detroit.

After Wave Of Violence, Councilman Wants Gas Station Security

A standard, poorly thought out reaction to a symptom rather than addressing the cause. Crime is a result of the failure of Detroit. Placing a costly burden on business owners to act as a proxy police force is just that. The result will be less competition and fewer gas station retailers with-in the city who simply will refuse to absorb the cost.

Just amazing that a city with the highest per capita wealth and a population of 2 million in 1950 has now fallen to 700,000 and is the 2nd poorest city in the nation behind only Cleveland. Can you imagine a city of 700,000 residents that doesn’t have a single national chain grocery store? It’s true.

Violent crime is way up with the city seeing its 50th homicide already in 2012. That’s up 25% from last year.

The Detroit Public School system can claim the worst performing students in the nation. With that feather in their cap, what does the DPS system do? Hand out raises, of course.

The city has been embroiled in a debate as to whether or not to appoint an emergency manager to oversee its finances as the city faces a general fund budget shortfall of $9.5 million by May . They have a financial review team in place and it was told it must comply with the Open Meetings Act and hold deliberations in public. What did they immediately do? Create a sub-committee to hold private meetings as they are not subject to the Open Meetings Act.

The solution to the bevy of issues that befall Detroit is not even in the cards as the movers and shakers still don’t acknowledge the problem. Read any number of op-eds or historical perspectives and you’ll generally find the same theories. Detroit was done in by the expressways being built and the subsequent flight to the suburbs. Or years of segregation led to the infamous ’67 riots and sealed the divide between the suburbs and the city taking the entrepreneurs and innovators outside city limits. Manufacturing began a long, slow decline lost to foreign competitors. The auto companies also receive their share of the blame for the decline of Detroit. The UAW/Big 3 alliance for decades went obliviously about their business without regard to overseas competitors. The years of inferior quality, poor business decisions and unrealistic compensation packages for employees led to the bankruptcies. Industry must always adapt to ever-changing markets, so it’s not acceptable as a reason for triggering the decline of the one-time fifth largest city in America.

What is nearly always lost in the blame game is the true culprit. Half a century of the progressive socialism experiment. Detroit is the shining example of a concerted effort amongst government and industry to completely manage a society. Yet you won’t hear that from the city leaders. Or the UAW. Or the auto companies. Or the school unions. For to look with-in for solutions to problems means acknowledgment of failure. Furthermore, it means that viable solutions will mean the power structure that has ruled the city for decades will have to stand down.

Why should someone from Topeka or El Paso or Rapid City or any number of other American cities be concerned? Because you have before you a crystal clear example of what fate awaits all of America if we allow the progressives to continue their assault on our country. Government continues to expand its reach into all facets of our lives. Crony capitalism is prevalent amongst all political persuasions. We are regressing as a nation founded upon liberty and espousing free market principles. If we continue to allow this march toward dependency and fairness with equality of outcome, we’ll be doomed to the fate of Detroit.

Detroit is burdened by crime and blight, high unemployment, failing schools, population flight and a crushing debt burden. Those problems didn’t just occur by happenstance. They are a predictable result of what happens with a managed society. America still controls its destiny and faces the choice of following a similar path or learning from failed examples. It’s an elective. But soon, it won’t be any longer. Will one more term of Obama be the final nail in the coffin? Unfortunately, you don’t get a defining event to mark the transition past the tipping point of no return. Only history provides the evidence after it is too late.


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  1. “Unfortunately, you don’t get a defining event to mark the transition past the tipping point of no return. Only history provides the evidence after it is too late.”

    That is the sad truth, my friend.

    What happened to Detroit is a perfect example of what happens when there are more takers than makers. Those that might have made a difference found it easier to leave than to fight the system. The parasites who control the politics of Detroit will continue sucking the last of the city’s life blood until there is no more and then they too will leave.

    I fear that we who recognize what is happening to America are far too few. Many, if not most, of those that call themselves Republicans see us as right-wing radicals. I am not optimistic about our future. I am told that the Tea Parties are working hard on local and Congressional elections. I hope that’s true.

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