OK, I lied. It’s not stunning at all, it’s expected. But it did knock Sen. Jeff Sessions-AL off his feet. Panetta specifically stated that the President has any authority necessary under the Constitution to defend this country, no Congressional involvement necessary. He also made clear that in situations requiring a coalition of nations, the administration will seek approval of an international entity, be it the U.N. or NATO for example, before they MAY seek Congressional approval. Congress, you’ve been punk’d! What are you going to do about your standing as a mere bystander in the defense of our country as defined in the Constitution? Every member of Congress should be calling for an emergency session immediately to address this flagrant violation of the Constitution and the separation of powers.

6 thoughts on “Stunning revelation from Def. Sec. Panetta states that Congress is absolutely irrelevant in military actions of the U.S.

  1. Perhaps the Secretary of Defense needs a refresher coarse in the Constitution. Congress appropriates funding for our military and they also have the power to declare war. Oh that’s right Panetta is one of those progressives who believes that the international community has more power over our sovereignty than us. If he truly believes this then perhaps it is time for him to step down and find a job at the UN. Because he sure doesn’t have America’s best interest in mind.

  2. As I said, this doesn’t surprise me at all. Yet, it’s still just galling. Even worse than Panetta? All the members of Congress who will give little more than lip service and rhetoric sound bites to this issue. I see it as an extremely serious concern, as I know you do, and I’m tired of the blatant abuses of the Constitution by the Administration. I’m well aware that all Administrations now claim authorization to take whatever steps are necessary on their own to protect the country. However, this stance of answering to international entity’s and usurping the Congress and the Constitution is simply intolerable.

  3. Even worse … the members of Congress who will give little more than lip service and rhetoric sound bites to this issue.

    Even worse yet … they merely pay lip service because they otherwise agree.

    Politically speaking, deferring matters of war to the executive provides cover when those decisions prove unpopular and/or disastrous. Philosophically speaking, all technocrats see the executive as the ultimate provider of their wants. In regards to individual congressmen, it relieves them of the duty to make difficult decisions, allowing them to focus on mindless pandering instead.

    Sidebar: If I thought pinning this galling attitude on the Obama admin would help conservatives rediscover the serious consequences of power, I’d jump all over blaming Obama. But as the GWB era proved, if these dictatorial claims were being made by the McCain admin, the blogosphere would be flooded with excuses and defense.

    And therein lies our real problem … partisan politics has created an environment where the technocrats can get away with anything. No matter what they do, they always have enough popular support.

  4. The political class has been building a fortress around the executive branch for years. The constitution and the congress are nearly irrelevant. The socialist/fascist state grows stronger by the day.

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