Canadien biker runs 299km/h through traffic

I know this is going viral, but I just have to post it anyway if you haven’t seen it. Could be a fake, but regardless, entertaining.

4 thoughts on “Canadien biker runs 299km/h through traffic”

  1. That is one SOB they’re going to be picking up with a stick and a spoon. I respect responsible Bikers, but despise those crotch rocket riders that weave in and out of traffic at high speeds. I’ve also had them pass me in blind curves on snaky mountain roads. You don’t even know they’re there until they scream past you.

    I told one guy who had passed me on the same road a few times like that, that he’d best not pass me like that again or he might end up in a ditch…Whenever he comes up on me now, he waits until there’s a pull off and I pull over and let him pass. ūüėČ

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