Obamacare upheld? Yawn!

Yes, I’m still here. Been far too busy with other matters to blog. With today’s SCOTUS ruling on Obamacare, I just had to quickly weigh in. No one should be surprised. Not with precedent in place. Just last November in the Susan-Seven Sky v. Holder decision, Conservative Judge Laurence Silberman upheld the individual mandate as applicable under the Commerce Clause. I made mention of it last year in the comments of a post when I predicted Obama would win the SCOTUS case today. Today, Chief Justice Roberts took the Social Security precedent route and ruled the individual mandate is just another tax which I discussed here as well.

That’s all we need to know. SS came about in the 1930’s advertised as not a tax. Without question it is just as Obamacare will be remembered as. Simple revenue producing tax redistribution schemes dressed up as a benefit to the American people. Romney claims his job on day one is repeal of Obamacare? Please! It’s here to stay folks.